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  1. @gadave my condolences to you and your family, you are in my thoughts and prayers I am thinking of postponing my Med cruise that is booked for Aug 2021.
  2. I would love to cruise again, I have a cruise booked for Aug 2021. My issues is I do not want to wear a mask or do ship only excursions, so I may push my cruise out until 2022
  3. My cruise went down about 600 for an Aug 2021 Med cruise that I booked a year and half ago. I am keeping the dinner and drink package
  4. Sid, Thank you for sharing your vacation with us, as always I enjoyed your review. 😊😊😊 Safe Travels to you and C
  5. Sid, thank you for taking along at each port, I am now inspired to take the unbeaten path when I travel. The food and drink porn is also top notch 😊😊
  6. The dive bathroom pictures are everything 😊😊😊
  7. Loving your review, can’t wait to see what we are doing once we get to port
  8. Another Sid Live report 😊 Excited to follow along
  9. I just did a mock booking for my 2021 Mediterranean Cruise, and the price went down today with the Black Friday sale 😊😊. I have already sent my pvp an email to get the price adjustment.
  10. How much I s the spa pass for a 10 day cruise?
  11. I booked my August 2021 Mediterranean cruise in April
  12. Hey Sid, Another great review 😊 thanks for taking us along
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