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    any where there is clear blue water and a sandy beach
  1. love the pictures you have posted 😊
  2. just found your review and reading it now, bummed I didn't get to go on the jounrney with you
  3. bina

    White Hennessy

    to answer my own question the price in cozumel for white hennessey was $46.49, it was cheaper on the horzion so i ended up buy rest of the bottles i wanted off the boat
  4. bina

    Jacques Scott Cruise Duty Free

    Hi Chuck, I did not order from them, i ended up going to the liqour store across the street and when my package was delivered it was from jacques Scott Cruise duty Free
  5. bina

    BBD Rum

    well to answer my own question no you can not buy a variety pack of the bbd rum however the liqour store across the street from the pier has the best deals for BBD and they now sale a mini bottle and rum cake for 6.00 not a bad deal and the rum was 2 for 25.
  6. i had the garlic and butter crabs they were very small blue crabs with out the shell, they were ok doubt if I would order them again, however the shrimp were execellent.
  7. So excited about the menu i will be on the horzion on sunday and i can't wait for sea day brunch
  8. bina

    BBD Rum

    Hi, Can anyone tell if you can buy the BBD rum in the mini pack at the liqour store near Margaritaville Thanks for you help
  9. a float and pump so i can float round in the ocean
  10. Have a safe flight home and thank you for sharing you expereince with us
  11. Hey Sid, Love your tribute to your special lady, keeping you in my thoughts I understand the job issue
  12. Enjoy your day!!!!!! Can't wait to hear about it :)
  13. I am loving your review and I will be ordering those pills for my upcoming cruise. Best drink porn ever :)
  14. loving the drink pictures