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  1. That is beautiful! How much extra did you have to pay? We have a standard villa rented for our December cruise - wondering if we will get a chance like you 😀
  2. The Joy itinerary would be at GSC on January 9th - it isn't on there but no other ship is as well. This is a Sunday - Sunday cruise and most other ships are back at their "home" port on Saturday.
  3. Good points about the time in port and the getting dark factor. I wasn't aware they did more than 1 ship at GSC - that would be something to look into. We are only considering Port Canaveral or Miami since we will be driving to the port
  4. We have sailed before and been to most of the ports listed. #3 Puerto Playa would be new. No kids would be coming with us - all adults. Price is cheapest on the Escape and most expensive is the Encore being the newest. We don't mind paying at Harvest Caye vs the all included GSC. We like GSC a little better but the tendering is an issue and often gets missed with wind etc. We are indifferent to the thermal spa not being on the Joy.
  5. Trying to plan our next cruise with NCL. We are leaning towards early January 2021 and have these 3 options below. They all have their pluses and minuses in one way or another. So I am curious to see how others would decide if they had to make the choice. 1. Escape - Out of Port Canaveral - Western Caribbean ( Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Ocho Rios and GSC ) Saturday - Saturday 2. Encore - Out of Miami - Western Caribbean ( Roatan, Harvest Caye, Costa Maya and Cozumel ) Saturday - Saturday 3. Joy - Out of Miami - Eastern ( Puerto Playa, St. Thomas, Tortola and GSC ) Sunday - Sunday Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks so much for the info. I'll look at some videos and reviews as suggested. I think we may like the bathroom on the balcony side since we love the 2 BR suite bathroom with all the natural light. I am excited for the huge balcony and hope to spend a lot of time out there!
  7. Hi Everyone! I have finally talked my husband into trying an aft suite. We are looking into the Escape and I was wondering if someone could help me understand the differences between the suites and different decks. I think I have read in the past that some of the suites have larger balconies than others and that the bed can be in a different location. Does anyone have an specifics on this. That would be greatly appreciated!!! If you have any hints or advice on being in an aft suite that would be helpful as well. We have done a few Haven cruises but always in the Haven proper so this will be a change for us. Thanks in advance!!!
  8. Thanks for the replies. It doesn't sound ideal with an employee section outside the window.
  9. Hi ....Does anyone have any photos or info regarding the forward penthouse suites on the Breakaway or Getaway. I am specifically looking at info for 9106 but I presume 9706 will be similar. Thanks in advance! Just trying to see what the balcony is like and what you see out of the porthole window in the master bedroom. There's not much out there for this deck.
  10. I called yesterday around noon ( EST ) and thought it was going to be a long wait. I was shocked when it only took a few minutes before a rep answered. I also called a few times about 3 weeks ago and the most I waited was 5 minutes. I feel bad for those who wait forever since I have been so fortunate.
  11. We are considering switching suites to an Aft Penthouse for our Breakaway cruise. Is it a hassle to be so far away from the Haven proper? I am wondering if we will enjoy the Haven as much as we have in the past being so far away. Also, do the balconies get sun or are they mostly shaded? Unfortunately our selections are only limited to deck 9 or 14. Any pros and cons would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  12. We are staying in the Haven for our Dec. 7th cruise so all reservations opened up a few days ago at 130 days. The same thing is showing up for us as well. That is the only item that is saying it is too soon to book. I called NCL yesterday and inquired as I was curious. The rep and her supervisor both researched and couldn't find a reason. She said she isn't showing any notification of the Breakaway getting a new show. Normally she said they would know by now as they get pretty advanced notice. All they could think of is that sometimes they hold back certain items and it will open up as our cruise gets closer. I still wouldn't be shocked if a new show came on board.
  13. That is what we have done on our past Haven cruises. We have one coming up in mid December and I was told NCL no longer offers that to Haven guests. That reservations open up to everyone at 120 days. If anyone knows different please let me know because we all know how NCL reps are never on the same page.
  14. I don't think it matters as to the itinerary of your cruise if you want to do the spa. It is just one other option to your vacation. The thermal loungers are nice and can be relaxing ( when you can get one ). You can go to the spa early in the morning to start your day or later in the evening to unwind or enjoy some day time there after being at port. I don't think the weather outside matters. With that being said I won't book the thermal spa again. We did it last cruise and felt like it was a complete waste of money. Whenever we went it was very crowded and noisy. It didn't matter what time of day, it was the same. Perhaps it was just that sailing but we decided to pass on the thermal spa this upcoming cruise. For now we would rather spend our money on something else that we can actually enjoy.
  15. I'm enthralled with the Joy and looking at booking a cruise. I see there is a concierge class of cabins. We only have sailed in the Haven on NCL but this may save some money and get us a little extra than a regular room. Have any past Haven cruisers done this and what did you like, dislike, miss about not being in the Haven etc. Thanks!!!
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