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  1. Our cruise is in August 2022 and is out of Rome, ending in Ravenna. Planner does not list the ending port as that is our disembarkation point. It has Kotor as last place to do excursions, even though our last port is Trieste. Guess no ship tours there for us, yet anyhow. The actual itinerary is updated with Venice(Ravenna). I'm going to just let a little time pass before I call X about Trieste. Probably book my excursions about 6 months out. Usually I do that almost a year out and then watch for price reductions, but things being what they are, gonna wait before I tie up those funds. Hope we get to go!
  2. Oh that's funny. Imagine yourself getting a headstart with a cocktail while she stood around in the terminal!😉
  3. Oh, and yes us too, no real payments on it so no losses so far. Not even excursions.
  4. Homestyle: I just did the daily rate calculation on the base fare, and it went from $307 for 14 days to $293 for the new 12 days. Our final, total cost (delux Veranda for each) was $8,460; and now $7,259. So apparently a bit of a savings I guess. I have a Refundable deposit which transferred to the new cruise.
  5. I was able to move my 14-day Japan trip to the near-equivalent in 2023 for 12 days, with same perks as original booking. So seems they are a bit more flexible upfront than when this all started and we were supposed to rebook same number of nights, except they changed the itinerary lengths making it impossible to L&S to anything equivalent w/o a fight.
  6. Got our cancellation email today. Decided for now to just shift it to March 28, 2023 since we could keep our onboard booking perks. Insurance we have moved with it. Now hope to use that airfare for the next trip that is the 3rd attempt at Iceland. Sigh* But Very much appreciate X making this call so far in advance. Who would have thought that back in winter of 2020, we'd still be monkeying around with all these trips. Sigh**
  7. Hi. we are on the 8/27/22 Connie, Rome to Venice cruise. We just got our email that states the change of ending port from Venice to Ravena. No change to duration of trip, Kotor still on itinerary. Not unexpected, but could wind up being a deal killer. We'll see.
  8. I like the idea of replacing the snails with mushroom caps. Looks similar for effect. And I would much rather have fungus than snails! LOL 😁
  9. I actually did have them once. Made by a gourmet cook friend of mine. The wine, butter, garlic sauce was great, but did not care for the snail part. So I totally get the bread dipping part!
  10. RoyalBoy, that link would not open for me, CC stopped it. What was it a pic/video of?
  11. I am aghast at the idea of a table full of people holding up their butter-cicles! Just joking 🙂
  12. Wow, some people are just so rude. The staff is always trying to do their best to please. Their approaching to her was admirable (though undeserved 🙂 ). I actually like those whipped butters, because they are so much easier to spread on bread (I assume they are 'real' butter for the most part). And they have the different flavors which I enjoy. When we have those foil wrapped butter pats at a restaurant, they are always hard, I give a few to my DH to hold onto to warm up! Otherwise you have a little brick sitting on your bread. What am I supposed to do with that? LOL
  13. KKB, I am impressed that they are so open to try different things.
  14. Oville, well it's certainly seeming like one of the most popular appetizers! I just can't believe it. Any time he orders them, we never see any other plates going by. I am so amazed at this response. And I would definitely try baked clams, but I am a wimp and only like them chopped with lots of seasoned stuffing, and I'm originally from Long Island, NY! Sorry 😉
  15. Well I guess I need to cut DH some slack due to the overwhelming loyalty to this dish. "joand452" I agree, and shrimp must be eaten with gobs of cocktail sauce! All the things to try is one of the great things about cruisen'! Thanks for all these great replies 🙂
  16. Wow, I had no idea it was so popular!
  17. Oh m'gosh, Champagnslass, He hates peas too! Odd though that he actually liked Mushy Peas when we were in London. Go figure.
  18. I'll let him know he's not alone. I don't think he even needs prior "encouragement" 🙂 I've had it once and it would take an awful lot of whiskey to get me to have that again!
  19. So after years of giving my husband a hard time for probably being the only one who orders this in MDR, and that X stocks it just for him, thought I would toss it out there.. Do many of you ever order Escargot?
  20. I can't believe this thread is still going strong. Thanks for making me laugh.
  21. Hi. We were on the Xpedition in 2019. Dress on board is definitely casual. shorts, tee's, (depending on weather of course), flip flops, etc. People come back from excursions in all manner of disarray and sweaty. Not questioned at all, it's understood. Dinner was casual too, but just a tad upgraded. Dress shorts, nice tee shirts were acceptable. Most women wore upgraded clothes or a sun dress and most also felt compelled, as I did, to wear a bit of makeup after looking so "natural" all day. But totally optional. Most men wore dress shorts and polo/golf-type shirts for dinner. that was about as dressy as it got. Just no need to overpack. Emphasis should be on walking/hiking shoes, water shoes, maybe sandals or deck shoe, lightweight hiking pants and shirts, rain poncho or some such in case. No umbrella. Not practical. Two bathing suits and rashguard shirts. A spare is good while one was rinsed out and dries. Bug repellent wipes came in handy a couple times. Sunscreen! walking hat with chin tie, is windy. So with all that, they don't expect you to invest much luggage space/weight to fancy clothes. But dressing up is totally up to you. I think everyone is just too tired to care what you're wearing 🙂 You will have an amazing time.
  22. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Looks like we will stick with only arriving the day before our cruise, and flying home same day as disembarking. Our first rescheduled trip is to Japan, and we add a 'day' to just getting there. We were planning to leave home on April 7, arrives the 8th, 1 day to roam around, then board on 10th. But probably can't if they keep these requirements by then, testing on 4/7. Either way would have to commit to the flight without knowing results. Not entirely hopeful that Japan is a good idea even out to April 2022. Sigh*
  23. Maybe the large ships just can't keep up with all the special occassions, but we were on the Galapagos' Expedition, and I had noted anniversary during sailing. I didn't say anything about it on board. We got our cabin all decorated with hearts, a sign and even a towel animal. Then on our outdoor dining night, they had a special cake for the anniversary couples. Was really good. I should have asked for more!
  24. So far, reassuring. Have to hope one never tests positive. Return arrangements can't be fun, and I wouldn't want to get stuck in a foreign city for 10 days. Aren't some cities requiring isolation locally if you test positive? You would not be allowed to go home. ??
  25. Hi Everyone. Two questions: 1. Is the Caribbean and Hawaii not considered international travel per the CDC testing requirements because you are boarding a return flight already in the U.S.? Though Hawaii currently has it's own set of rules. 2. Has anyone returned from a cruise overseas requiring a flight departing from foreign airport? CDC requires a negative test 3 days prior to boarding that return flight. How do you do that? and waiting for results would add at least $1,000 to the trip for hotels and meals. Flight into port day-of is risky but test timing works, and flight out on day cruise ends requires Cruise line tests on board. And Yikes, what if you test positive even though vaccinated? Grrrr Thanks, You are such a knowledgeable bunch, hope someone can help here.
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