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  1. Yep. We've been to Nassau 3 times. The first 2, our cabin was on the port side and the ship docked such that we were facing the ocean. For our most recent cruise, we switched sides and had the same view as the previous visits.
  2. I watched someone carry on a 20" plug-in fan on Symphony.
  3. Don't bet on it. Royal Caribbean changed multiple ships' itineraries for May 25/26 with less than two weeks notice to put two ships there on the 25th and put one there on the 26th that never had it on that sailing's itinerary.
  4. It'll probably depend on the image. I didn't have a choice on this one, the final product has the border and "stamps"
  5. I just downloaded our digital photo and it's 2400x3000 and 300 dpi. However, that includes the border that was slapped on the photo (it was taken at Coco Cay) so the actual photo is considerably smaller. Cropping out the border brings it down to 1759x2343 (I did it really quickly) and part of the border overlaps the photo itself, which makes the cropping look weirder. You won't get 12x16 out of it, sorry to say.
  6. I thought it was pretty quiet on the South beach on Coco Cay. The further you get from the ship, I think the quieter it gets. You might encounter people who decide to bring their own music (bluetooth speakers connected to their phones), we heard that both on the island and the pool deck on board.
  7. Same last weekend. They did make me remove my eyeglasses though.
  8. On what planet are Nassau & Coco Cay in the "western" Caribbean? Edit: Guess I should have scrolled a bit
  9. There's a lot of psychology used in developing their marketing materials and promotions to entice you to purchase various packages and upgrades. They may not be "controlling" your mind but they're exerting _some_ influence over your decisions.
  10. I think $80 per person for the sailing @iamchrisstone was on (as was I).
  11. I too was lukewarm on Coco Cay, having been there last year while it was under construction and not finding a lot to do with our kids there. For just the two of us, it worked out well. We found a couple lounge chairs on the south beach and hung out there for a couple hours. Didn't get any food on the island, just a few drinks. We were back on the ship for lunch and stayed there. I do feel that it's a bit overdeveloped, to the point of the whole thing feeling "manufactured" (if done well, it can be developed without _feeling_ like a manufactured, curated experience). It started right off the ship with the obviously-just-planted trees and the amusement park style signage/entrance. The south beach had much more of a "this is just a beach on an island" feel to it.
  12. No one was checking Sea Passes when we boarded in Miami yesterday. Had early boarding with The Key but no one checked to verify that we had it when we walked through with the high-status cruisers who were called at the same time.
  13. TBH, I was looking forward to the day at sea. We visited Coco Cay last year and while I know it's had a lot of work completed since, there's just not much that interests us there for the prices they're charging. We'll probably hop off the ship, walk around for an hour or so, then head back.
  14. Late last week, they added Coco Cay to the itinerary of the May 25th sailing of Symphony out of Miami (3 nights; we were supposed to be in Nassau on the 26th and at sea on the 27th, now it's Coco Cay on the 26th and Nassau on the 27th). They moved Mariner to the 25th so that they could get Symphony to the island on the 26th. With the changes being so close to the sailings, I suspect it's an experiment in scheduling & pricing for the various amenities on the island.
  15. I wonder if some of this is due to the large group (over 1500 people last I heard) booked on this sailing. We booked in advance , aboard our last cruise (about 14 months before this one) and thought the price wasn't too bad.
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