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  1. I am told that the FCC will be allocated to each guests the amount written on the invoice. So you need to refer to the invoice or request for one. The guests need not sail together as the FCC is applied individually. Not sure if the FCC can be applied onto an existing booking. You might need to call. But problem is different operators telling me different things. That’s the frustration. That’s why I come here for info. Not so sure about when can we see the FCC reflected as I haven’t cancelled yet.
  2. Many thanks. This helps us a lot. We are not worry about the change in categories. We have the spacious panoramic window suite which takes 5 guests but we are allowed to book it for 4 guests in the website. I had to call RC to add the 5th guests.
  3. That is alright for me since we cruise a lot. Just only problem is my domestic helper who will be leaving our household before we can be on another cruise.
  4. If I understood you correctly, no penalty for cancellation of 3rd and 4th guests even if the booking is non-refundable ? I can get full cash refund for them? Then with the new FCC policy, I will be able to cancel the whole cruise and get back as FCC? Thanks
  5. Hi, I booked a cabin for 5 guests. If I am to choose FCC, how do they credit it back? Meaning if I paid $5K, each individual gets $1k as FCC? If this is the case, can I call to receive the credits under one name or at least under my family’s headcount. I am asking because I paid for my domestic helper. She will not be able to use the credits for another cruise as she will be leaving my household to go home for retirement, and she can’t afford a cruise fare on her own as well plus there is no cruise port for her to book where she is coming from. It doesn’t seem fair that I can penalised this way. If this is not possible, I guess it is cheaper to just cancel and lose $500 cash than to lose $1k. Has anyone had the same issue before? Thanks.
  6. Just saw on another posting that for March cancellation, guests have better refund compensation. Why is Crystal dealing with cancellation and refunds with double standards? They cancelled our 23Feb sailing very close to embarkment and took us such a hard time getting back refunds as cash instead of credits. No compensation for our flight and hotel losses. Yet, on the other hands, very generous with others cancellation. It is making me furious.
  7. I guess they are hoping most will just bite the bullet and take the FCC. And offer the Cash refund only if they make noise. Is a good tactic to get the most out of this situation. At least a big load off my mind. Now making A few land reservations for dinners to make up for those dinners I should be having if the cruise was not cancelled.
  8. Thank you. 🥰 If Crystal has more sailing options for us to choose, we won’t mind getting FCC as we do enjoy cruise vacation very much. But the choices are limited for Singapore. Thus, it was really stressful for us when we realise we were only getting FCC back. Now, we are hoping that the situation will improve and then we will definitely be watching out for those cruises in the coming months that sails around the SEA regions.
  9. Finally got a positive update from our TA who had spent the entire morning dealing with Crystal. The poor lady was so drained. They finally give us the option to get cash refund. Will we book a cruise with them after all these poor customer service nightmare? Yes only for last minute sailing especially if the price is right. Is hard for us to consider advance booking now and park our money with them
  10. Only stated refund. No mention in what format. Unlike those terms and conditions given for UK and US.
  11. Will it be possible for you to provide me a snapshot of this email from Crystal? So that I can show it to my TA as proof to get my point across. Thanks
  12. Yes. I am currently in Singapore. I do hope we get the same protection. However, consumer rights is terrible here.
  13. Which email did you use for communication? I used guest service. Unfortunately, I am not residing in US or UK. I am currently in Singapore.
  14. Maybe it is because most of us here may not be residing in US.
  15. Yes. We were also looking forward to cruising, virus or no virus. But then all of the sudden, they cancel it. And only FCC. No mention even to compensate flights and hotel booking. Please make lot of noises about it. We are also trying to get our TA to make lot of noise. This is not right.
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