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  1. Really? Sailing from where to Sydney? Any idea?
  2. Seem that it has taken Singapore lowest temperature in the night as reference. Actually during day light, average temp is usually above 30degree. 😰
  3. I have never been that far away from Asia. 🤭 If so, then there is a high possibility we get to see the ship set sail sometime in the future from Sgp. Sorry that you guys are disappointed but I am overjoyed. 🤭🤭 I always wanted to experience those mega ship but those long long flights are terrible for me
  4. It is very humid in Singapore and having lived in such hot weather consistently every day where wet sweating body is the norm, most of us don’t really appreciate it. We love indoor air condition area to escape the heat. 🤪 But I can definitely live with an open promenade deck. 🤣
  5. I also hope so that they won’t take into account of the weather.
  6. I also hope it will but Singapore is too hot for such a ship. It is hard to stay on the open promenade deck at 34degree.
  7. I hope she will be deployed to Singapore for a few sailings. Time to save some $$ in anticipation that it will come to Singapore. 🤗
  8. Anyone has any more info? Since I am from Singapore, I hope that it will home port for some time there.
  9. I take the OVP without hesitation due to the full suite benefits. And the view is breathtakingly beautiful. I never sit outside in the balcony as the heat is too much as I am from Sunny Singapore.
  10. I am from Singapore and has been on the ship sailing out of Singapore a couple of times. Although there are plenty of locals onboard, there are also plenty of Asian from all over. And also RC seems more towards catering the ships in Singapore for our Indian tourists, therefore I would say 40% of the food are mostly Indian cuisine, 40-50% are the traditional RC food but whether does it lives up to the usual RC standard, I have no ideas but I find those are the best food onboard to eat. Hint : onboard. They tried to provide some 10-20% Chinese cuisine but in my opinion, those are the worse Chinese food I ever tasted. I didn’t do specialities but I see the standard RC offering. Most of the time these restaurants are empty. It is a chaos at the WJ for lunch on boarding day as everyone all gathers there. Otherwise I don’t see a problem except serving on the dinning room is too slow for my liking. I shall not comments on the passengers onboard. There are always certain behaviours we couldn’t apprehend in other cultures and likewise, they also couldn’t on ours. And there are always rude and ill-manners people around which has nothing to do with culture.
  11. Mine is also 238 long days as today. And here I am wishing my life away. It is agonising to wait for so long.
  12. 240 days too long till we will meet with Quantum Of The Seas. The time passes just too slow. Then it will be Christmas. Ho Ho Ho!!!
  13. This kind of devalue the purpose of booking a suite. 🤧
  14. Is there any food options that is not complimentary for Star Class guests?
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