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  1. What I heard in the MDR was the Indonesian birthday song, "Potong Kuenya." It starts out with verses for cut the cake & blow out the candles, then wishes for long life, and a few other things. It can go on and on. It has a different tune than our USAmerican song.
  2. I enjoyed the cooking demonstrations on sea days on the Zuiderdam last fall, and recent post-drydock pics of the ship show that ATK is still happening in BB Kings on that ship. There were plenty of recipe cards available, and I used one recipe for our family's Christmas Eve dinner. I love making a taco/fajita bar for the holidays because it is so informal and lots of red/green colors (tomatoes, avocado, peppers). But I always felt that my chicken fajitas were a bit dry. So I used their chicken taco recipe, and since it is in a (not too spicy) sauce, it stayed moist through sec
  3. Yes, I concur that their shampoo works very well: effective at cleaning and clothes smell good. (I didn't know, and had brought a bottle of my own but didn't need it, so glad others are learning.) I always do my own laundry when traveling (not just underwear). I can't carry heavy luggage, so it helps. As others have said, I wash things out in the evening, which is a way of winding down. By morning things are dry enough to finish in the closet. I always travel with a half-dozen folding plastic hangers that are great for hanging things up to dry.
  4. That was my first thought regarding the Mediterranean cruises that interest me. Although the situation regarding Venice is not quite the total ban that was chattered about following the MSC accident earlier this year, many ships are indeed being re-routed. I know nothing about the HAL track record in that part of the world, the tonnage of HAL ships that have been traveling to/from Venice, and what the prospects might be. But that should not affect the Northern Europe ports, unless perhaps Brexit is also at play for some of them. Considering how understandably unhapp
  5. That's a good question. I certainly picked up some little hints, like being sure to get to Lincoln Center Stage early for a seat. No hardship since I always had a book with me, and sometimes had conversations with other people. (My husband thought I was crazy to go almost 30 minutes early, but of course there were already a dozen people there.) Thanks to reading here, I was able to explain about the tradition of the Yum Yum Man, even though there was never a person by the cart. Some of the info I came across was outdated. I had read about DVD checkout, but Zuiderd
  6. We were at HMC earlier this month and thought there were a lot of shady chairs, if you walk as far as the pirate ship bar. In front of that building and in front of the cabanas past there, it was very pleasant. However, that was with only 1 ship on the island. I am sure that with 2 ships it would become much more crowded, which may be the norm once the new pier is built.
  7. We did an 11-day Panama Canal cruise earlier this month on the Zuiderdam. I did post a formal review, but wanted to leave some notes here because of all the love-about-HAL and HAL-is-going-downhill threads on this board. My perspective is from someone who has been on dozen or so cruises with Royal Caribbean, Princess, Carnival, Norwegian. We only cruise about every 3 years when it fits our vacation plans. We do mostly independent traveling the other years; next year we have reservations for hiking into Havasupai Lodge, a week in D.C., and trip to the Philippines, so no time to cruise then
  8. Oops, sorry, it was indeed Captain van Hoogdalem. (We don't really notice the captain so it didn't click, but I checked the trip report they gave us.) BTW, his family is coming for 2 weeks over the Christmas/New Years holidays.
  9. She is going in January, after drydock that will turn the screening room into Microsoft Studio, according to what I heard on a recent cruise. They did show some films in the Mainstage area.
  10. So we just got back from our cruise and wanted to report on our interactions with the Indonesian crew. We had only been back in the US for 5 weeks when we went on the cruise, so the language was still pretty fresh in our minds. (We had been serving as missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 18 months, so this was our treat vacation after a hard job.) Yes, our room stewards were Indonesian, so all our interactions with them were in that language. But I had not expected the many other contacts we would make. On the first day,
  11. First time HAL cruiser, so this may be old news to some. But we attended the Nov 9, 2019 Q & A session with the captain and found it interesting. Some questions about goals for the upcoming drydock, and in addition to the usual repairs and recarpeting of stairs etc., he reported: - renovating the screening room into Microsoft Studio. (The existing Studio room is tiny and was always mobbed so hopefully this is an expansion.) - change the photo gallery from static print display into interactive stations where photos can be cropped or edited prior to custom printing
  12. Sorry to ask a stupid question, but WHERE is the newspaper/digest available?
  13. I'm glad that you found a vacation that fits you so well, but I am not sure that is a fair characterization of land tours. We often unpack once, in London or Paris or Budapest or Rome or Washington D.C., and take day trips as well as touring the abundant sites of interest in that locale. Another thing I noticed when touring places like Chichen Itza (Mexico), the original Olympiad stadium in Greece, the Colosseum in Rome, and Thingvellir in Iceland is that we stay nearby, have a leisurely breakfast and start our tour when the site opens. We are done and leaving in late
  14. Don't be in a hurry to leave the airport in Singapore; they just opened a rain forest display at the airport. https://www.scmp.com/magazines/style/tech-design/article/3007786/inside-singapores-changi-airport-jewel-rainforest-40 Be sure to at least watch the movie of CRAZY RICH ASIANS before you go. Reading the book would be even better. You will recognize all kinds of scenes from the movie as you go around town. BTW, the hawker center (food court) scene was filmed at the Newton Center, which is super easy to access from the subway station of that name, and the food is great (al
  15. Not only is it pricey, but the Japanese encephalitis immunization available in the US is an inferior product: less effective and for fewer years, and two doses required. In Asian countries, the Imojev vaccine is available--only one shot, and I paid $75 on Java. It is a nasty disease, so I wouldn't want to spend much time in the Far East without it. But if you had a morning free when you are out that way, and the hotel could recommend a walk-in clinic, something to consider.
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