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  1. 4000 passengers arrived hours later than scheduled. My flight was scheduled for 12:30pm but I got to the airport too late to have luggage loaded so I was forced to book a last minute $1500 replacement flight out at 4:30pm which I was lucky to get since many of the aforementioned 4000 passengers were at the same time looking for flights home. Many of these I can tell you have not yet made it home as many were re-booking on flights with plus one and plus two day arrival times. 4000 passengers were jammed up at the port trying to get themselves and their luggage onto the ship while the previous weeks 4000 passengers with luggage were trying to get off the ship most of whom were trying to be the first off to potentially salvage their plans. While NCL staff were trying to deal with all of these 8000 stressed passengers ground crews were forced to manage the massive turnaround logistics disruption(fuelling and a weeks supplies on and off for a floating city) which is challenging on a good day. "The only chaos will be in the minds" ? Looking at all this in perspective I really think we need to recognize how NCL responded. They could have air evacuated the child from the ship and met the planned cruise timeline but that was not in the childs best interest and would have placed his life at greater risk. So with full knowledge of the great cost and pain to the company and its staff that this would entail the captain, with NCL management approval and without hesitation, reversed the ship and proceeded back to port at best speed. I was only one of the thousands and thousands that made small sacrafices in perspective yesterday following their lead and choose to focus on what ultimately is really important.
  2. Hats off to NCL and the Bliss team. I was on the cruise and remain inspired by the response of the crew and organization. The childs welfare was clearly their primary concern at all times. Crew was unbelievably professional thru a really stressful time on the ship. FYI. The 8 year old boy was flown back to Miami today by air ambulance. A Go Fund Me has been set up to help the family under "Noah Anderson" if you would like to help.
  3. Hi Everyone Am booked on the Bliss in an aft deck 15 cabin. Just wondering if I made a good choice going with one of the uppermost cabins. Good balcony size on 15 but just below spice pool deck which Im thinking could make it a bit noisy at night but immediately below thermal spa area which I love. Still lots available on bottom deck 9 just over Manhatten club if I decide to switch. Can anyone who has been in a Bliss aft cabin give me some feedback on the deck 15 or 9 aft cabins. Much appreciated Thanks
  4. Wondering if others have had the same experience. Just put a deposit on an NCL cruise which is advertised with the "Distinctive Voyages" package. Seemed like a great offer on the surface but what a disappointment when you look into it. NCL is advertising a $200 rebate on flight and $100 rebate on the hotel as part of the included package. Firstly, what you dont get told up front is the premium that NCL puts on the flight that you have to book through NCL to get the rebate. My first online check showed the price to NY city round trip for me at under $400. NCL priced quoted me over $700 for that same class flight. When I pointed out the price difference to the sales rep she told me that most people just decline the offer and book themselves. I wonder why. Why not pay over $300 extra to get a $200 rebate. Secondly as for the hotel, I was told that she could'nt book a hotel for me as it was still too early for a cruise 8 months out. Still a chance for NCL to redeem themselves here on the hotel but Im doubtful. Is it just me or does anyone else see this as false advertising? Sales rep told me that the only people who book with them are those that need someone to do the booking for them. I think its reasonable to conclude that the majority of people who meet that description are unsuspecting seniors who are uncomfortable looking online for prices and booking their own flights online. Great deal. Hey guys heres a $200 rebate on a flight that we sell for $350 over what you can book anywhere else as a stand alone purchase let alone as part of a cruise package. I guess buyer beware. Any Thoughts?
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