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  1. This sounds wonderful! I’ll look into it. Thanks
  2. Has anyone found a great deal on Dublin excursions / tours, instead of the Princess excursion? Bev
  3. Did anyone find a good offer for a St. Andrews tour? We are choosing to do St. Andrews instead of Military Tattoo. Thanks, Bev kramerbev93@gmail.com
  4. Thanks, we normally go first class as much as possible. However, we are very frugal with our expenses, and would rather enjoy the excursions, and the sights of the British Isles. Thus, looking toward future adventures. Thanks for your input!
  5. Thanks....I didn't intend to start a huge discussion involving "investments". My husband and I are cautious spenders. This is only our 2nd cruise. (Most of our vacas are either driving, Hawaii, or Mexico.) Our first cruise involved the "early bird" booking, including the beverage package promotion. So...we are shell-shocked to say the least. The OBC is what we were thinking. In addition, our children gave us a Princess gift card for Christmas. Thanks for everyone's input.
  6. Thanks! That’s exactly what we’re planning on doing!
  7. This helps a lot. We are coffee drinkers, but I also love the liqueur coffees also. The Premium Beverage is too outrageous for our pocketbook! We would just be wasting our $$, as we do not drink enough to make it worth our while.
  8. We are novices at this cruising thing......(but learning more every day) Questions: This is only our 2nd cruise. Our first Princess cruise was the Alaskan Connoiseur in 2017. In our cruise package, the Premium Beverage Package was included, as a Sip & Sale Promo. I'm at a quandary as to the cost of the package / PP. It seems a bit pricey, but there looks to be no other answer? *If you received this package, did you receive it as an upgrade / promotion, or pay for the package? * Also, if you choose NOT to purchase the beverage package, could a person purchase a glass of wine, or rum/coke, and pay on their room account? * We do not drink enough alcoholic drinks to make this package worthwhile? We are going to be on a Ring of Kerry Princess Cruise in the British Isles. (We really cannot take on any liquor, other than purchasing on site? Any suggestions?) *If we are able to purchase there, has anyone done so? Isn't it rather expensive? Thanks,
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