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  1. It's so sad that you have to do all this to protect yourself. Maybe if these cities treated theft as a real crime, it might go along way towards curbing the behaviour.
  2. That was a very long investigation. I wonder what the findings were?
  3. Any idea why the extensive delay? Seems to me if it was deemed fit to sail more than a week ago, something is amiss?
  4. Marine Traffic still shows that the Opera is still in Venice??? Does anyone have an update as to why it is still there?
  5. To say that Europe is safer than the US is a bit of a stretch. Especially if we are talking pickpockets. I have never ever encountered a pickpocket in my life, until we went to Spain. That said, It's quite obvious that Europe views thievery as a petty crime and chooses to do very little about it. We don't see it that way, we see it as an invasion of our personal space and stealing from us.
  6. Don't be worried to the point that you won't enjoy yourselves. Just be vigilant and make sure that you don't carry any more things than you need. I know it sucks. Its just not right and its not normal for most of us.
  7. Your welcome. I hope they enjoy the ship, it is a destination in itself!
  8. Perhaps your opinion would be different if you were affected. Don't get me wrong, there are areas in every state, province and country that this stuff happens. Should it? No, it should not. We absolutely LOVED our cruise - it was the best time we have ever had. The food. The people. The sites. All were amazing. Not being able to let your guard down for fear of being robbed should never happen. Anywhere. The fact that a state, province or an area of any country is "notorious" for this type of behaviour is just wrong in my opinion.
  9. It's so sad that people have to protect their valuables on their person while on holiday. We spent over 2000 euros over two days during our stay in Spain. Got robbed (as you know) and will likely never go there ever again. I hear that this happens ALL OVER Europe and there is very little that is done to the thieves if they are caught. So, they won't get my money anymore, whether I hand it over to them willingly or not.
  10. I'm not sure about the theme nights, we were out and about in all the ports, got back most nights just in time for dinner and then maybe a show before early bedtime ready to go again the next day. We were not on the ship during the day, but I doubt the MDR would be open on port days for lunch. As for the craft/jewel workshops - no idea. The cruise we were on is VERY port intensive...... not really a lot of time spent on the ship.
  11. Oddly enough, on the Oasis (I know not the Allure but), two weeks ago we never had lobster in the main dining room at all. We met someone that ate at the Windjammer and they said they had lobster the second formal night. I said to my wife, they were likely prawns..... in the morning, my son and DIL said they went to the windjammer after dinner and had lobster! Go figure!
  12. I didn't notice anyone joining the ship in Rome. In Barcelona, they started boarding around 11
  13. If my memory serves me correct, yes we did and I thought it was more like 20 euros pp. payable in cash only. I wasn't upset about paying but I wish they would have told us ahead of time because there were 8 of us and I only brought a couple hundred Euros off the ship. Sorry, no pics of any menu
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