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  1. I, for one have immensely appreciated yours and everyone else's efforts in getting us all the information that you have so far. Don't listen to the pot stirrers. They are, and I'm speculating here, probably on the World. lol
  2. Sure, - there was an incident with Oasis at the Freeport shipyard.
  3. Does anyone have any anonymous pictures from anyone onboard or do you think that the area will now be absolutely and completely off limits?
  4. Well I must admit... you are VERY good at what you do! Thanks for all the "behind the scenes" reports
  5. Do you know when they plan on moving the carnival ship out of the dry dock?
  6. You do an amazing job of finding us all this new information! Thank you!
  7. I wonder if Oasis will go alongside a dock there first as Carnival Sunrise is still showing up on Marine Traffic as being in the dry dock and I thought I read somewhere here that it would take a bit to set up the blocks for Oasis once the Carnival ship left?
  8. Ok Thanks, I was just wondering if cabins are starting to open up for the May 5th sailing because there was a mass exodus or if it is a usual thing, or something else
  9. Does anyone have any information as to what repairs have been accomplished while Oasis has been at sea, or better yet, pictures?
  10. Do you think that this "opening up" of cabins to bidding means that people have cancelled the May 5th sailing, or that it was never fully booked from the get-go?
  11. Wonder what the ETA is, Carnival Sunrise still in the dry dock, I have no idea if its dry or flooded
  12. Thanks for the quick response! Really? I would have thought that the food available to the ships would be different over there than here. Thanks,
  13. I actually have never even thought of that! Great Idea - thank you!
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