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  1. Just logged into my Celebrity account today to select our last excursion for our upcoming Panama Canal cruise on the Infinity October 25-Nov 9. They have a pretty good sale going on right now. Ended up cancelling the ones I booked at higher prices and rebooking them all. Ended up saving $70 overall for 4 excursions.
  2. Lol, me too! Glad I have a compatriot in the Planning Department. Great review!
  3. Thanks for this - we'll be on Infinity in October for my 2nd and my husband's 1st cruise!
  4. We'll be on the Celebrity Infinity. 🙂 I believe we're there around the end of October.
  5. @soozles Based on what I've read on other posts about the solarium and Spa Cafe, you should be fine. I'm not an expert cruiser in any level, but my novice assumption is that the Adults Only part is to keep kids from running around like maniacs in the pool area and create a more relaxed space. If I was onboard and saw you bring your baby into the area to eat, I wouldn't think a thing about it. 🙂 If I'm wrong, I'm sure one of our more experienced cruisers will show up here to let us both know the true story. The thing I was pleasantly surprised about was that the Spa Cafe was open for all cruisers - my first cruise, I didn't realize that and thought it was just for the Aqua Class passengers.
  6. @laurab23 I had another poster put this website up and I found it incredibly helpful; it talks about room sizes and also provides pictures and layouts: https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/index.php. My first cruise in Feb 2018 (Celebrity Reflection) was in a balcony cabin and after that experience, I can't imagine going to a room where you can't open the door to your own private patio! 😄 I just really loved being able to find some peace and quiet out there in the mornings, having coffee, hanging up wet clothes (haha), watching the sunset. I know some people spend very little time in their cabins so for them, an OV would probably be just fine. I liked the availability of the privacy outside without having to fight over a deck chair or whatever. We're heading off to the Celebrity Infinity in October and have booked a veranda cabin. This will be my husband's first cruise and I think he's going to love it. Hope whichever you choose, you have a great cruise!
  7. I took it on the Reflection in Feb of 2018 and as a beginner in wine, I found it fascinating and very enjoyable!
  8. What a great list! Thank you! We have $250 OBC and I was wondering what we'd use it for!
  9. Sorry, forgot one item! One of the locals in Antigua did recommend that if you are going to Antigua and plan to shop the markets, cash is more readily accepted there. S/he said many of the local shops will take cards, but cash is still king, so to speak. 🙂 I'm going to hit the port ATM when we get there!
  10. We'll be on the same cruise!! We too are looking at the self-guided Antigua tour. I've looked at TripAdvisor for some additional information on what's going on locally from a safety perspective and haven't found much that's recent. State Department lists Guatemala as a Level 2, Exercise Caution for crime, but for perspective both France and Italy are Level 2 for Terrorism. 😛 My husband is very cautious and is hoping we can get some more info!
  11. I was wondering if anyone has recently done any of the Antigua tours from either of the cruise ports lately. The last report in the forums I can find looks to be from 2018. A lot can change on the ground, politically, in a country in that amount of time. I'd really like to do the self-guided Antigua tour that Celebrity offers. State Department doesn't list Antiqua's department (county) as a higher risk than Guatemala itself right now (Level 2- Exercise Extra Caution). I'd be happy to hear anyone's stories of their recent visits!
  12. I never realized that the Aqua Spa cafe food was available to all. When I was on the Reflection in 2018, I thought it was just for Aqua Class members! I'll have to remember this for our cruise on Infinity in October!
  13. I was thinking the same thing - how much more is fuel than it used to be, how much extra does the cost of environmental stewardship (worth every penny in my book) add to the cost, wages have gone up, the cost of transporting supplies to the ship cost more. I could go on.. Is some of it trying to plump up their bottom line? Oh, indubitably! But it'd be interesting to see how much their expenses have also increased since the OP started sailing. I went on my first Celebrity cruise last February 2018 and as someone who doesn't (and has never) made 6-figures in any year I've worked, I was completely blown away by the quality, attentiveness, and cleanliness of the ship and her staff. Maybe some of this is #firstworldproblems?
  14. Great post! We're sailing on Infinity in 95 days (but who's counting?) and I've been following this cruise on Instagram (use the #celebrityinfinity) to get pictures of the ship. Great to hear a report!
  15. Now this is the kind of information I come to these boards for! LOLOLOL😂😂
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