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  1. Thanks for the photo link RAL72. Very nice shots. Do you know who took them?
  2. Nice photos. Thank you for posting them. I was there too, and I felt the same way.
  3. There is a very pleasant walking path from Beaulieu to Buckler's Hard, and a cozy pub at BH. Navy ships were built there in the 18th century and the "main street" is quite wide and slopes to the water, reportedly to build and launch the ships. I agree with ships cat: Great for ship buffs.
  4. I think it goes diamonds and penthouses first, then platinums and grills. AMEX might be in there somewhere, sorry I cannot be more specific (I know, so why is he posting). The thing is, everyone usually gets on within just a few hours, and every minute of the lead-up to boarding is worth relishing. Just a note: Tea & etc. will more than likely be going on in Queens Room. We usually find it quite restorative after travelling. No, but there is shuffleboard - and I have seen stalwart souls playing mid-Atlantic! I think I recall basketball too, and I know there is quoits. Come to think of it, when I recall the challenges of putting my feet where I want them in the group ballroom dancing class, as the ship pitches in a heavy swell, I am not sure I would undertake a vigorous game of squash, even if there was a court! But that's just me. Ah yes, I remember 51. I know about singing in Mauretania, and they do not in the grills, but I wonder about Caronia restaurant. Ask away! And you are right about the experience coming your way. For me, every QE2 crossing seems the trip of a lifetime.
  5. Just viewed the WCC one again. Wow! Many of the photos really seem to show the personality. I do not know how you do it, but - like others - am most grateful. Thanks for sharing, and for finding a new link for us. Oh, I hope nobody removes Jon's "out takes" from the Cavalcade. They are good for a smile or two. - Tom Frank, your offer is most generous. We are interested, will be getting in touch. Thanks.
  6. Angela & Karie, You are both too kind to me:o. Luckily, Mrs. T is not the jealous type:eek:! I think some of it is 'trick photography' anyway. Yes, Jon and Kyle can re-touch a photo very nicely, and there seems to be no end to their creativity. Nice photos Jon!! Thanks again for putting them up for us all to see. -Tom
  7. Yes that was great fun. It was also fun racing back and forth through the ping pong tournament. Sorry to have disrupted a few points there.:o
  8. Diplomatically put. Might be me. I usually need a haircut:eek:. Hmm, could be. And thanks for the compliment Karie:o. Kyle, fantastic work as usual. We all look so busy. But I think you were working the hardest. And maybe Doug, who was good enough to herd us. It truly was a great afternoon. There must have been 35 people at least.
  9. Kyle, thanks so much for this slide show. So moving! And it captures and conveys the many moods of QE2 on-board life. When I viewed this, I felt like I was there again (and again and again!). I could not help but notice: Something about your camera sure makes us all look darn good! Nice work Kyle. I saw you here and there during this crossing's Cavalcade of Cabins, and thought "Kyle is working his magic". Appearing out of nowhere, you could sometimes be seen at the top of a stairwell as we came charging up, another time at the end of a corrider as we streamed chattily away. One can only imagine what kind of footage you were getting. I - and I know others - await your next production, whatever the title!
  10. Great video, as always. The transfer is amazing. Thanks so much for sharing, Kyle.
  11. Paul, just thought I'd mention, I have a pair of those glasses (story on another thread). Like you, I have seen them on QM2 (actually carried two on board, but that is another/the other tale). I also saw them in a shop on QE2 during the crossing this January. This March, we saw identical ones in the bar at Embassy Suites, Portland Maine. I would question their "Princess" identity, but would certainly agree they are ubiquitous, not unique to Cunard. When I bought them - not on a Cunard ship - I thought they were unique. Guess I was mistaken; just wanted to share this observation with you and others who may care to know. Cheers, Tom
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