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  1. I find it amazing how a company can accept money so quickly - yet can't reverse the same action and send a credit to the payee. I too was suppose to be sailing May 25 out of NYC and have not gotten anything - yet. I thought the initial options were great and would have loved to accept a rescheduled trip and take the $600 in onboard credit. But Carnival has dropped all itineraries coming out of NYC, but a few beach day cruises. The options available we have visited several times and have no interest in seeing them again. I regret that at least for the foreseeable
  2. I'm in Central NY, closer to Canada then NYC. Over all it's quiet. The governor is all about NYC - and that's fine. It's rare that he knows we exist. I'm a retired college professor. But not wanting to sit around I started teaching online classes a couple of years back. The transition was fine for me. But now with this total conversion to online classes, it has been very hard for some old hardliners. They had been set in there ways are now having issues because they are true Neanderthal's when it comes to most electronics. I expect a big change over in
  3. I was on Miracle on the first cruise AFTER there last refitting. A group of friends decided late to go on the cruise - 7 days out of Tampa - I was left with an interior room. Starting the second night I started to feel not my self. I could smell something but thought it was a disinfectant. I was having trouble breathing and my tongue was like card board. Each day it seemed to be getting worse. When we were on land I seemed to improve, but once we were on board it came back and got worse. It was finally on the last day and was I found out about the refitt
  4. I live in Central NY now and drive to Albany. I get on a bus from Yankee Trails and for $80 they take me to the side of the ship and pick me up when the ship returns. I've done that for 5 cruises out of NYC. I park my car in their lot at no cost. No hassle driving and usually a movie. For me it's a no brain'er - It's a lot less then the tolls, and parking fees - Not to mention it saves a lot of frustration. I grew up in NYC and would hate to navigate the West side on cruise days, and park. Jack
  5. Using a scooter on a cruise is different for my wife and it's making both of us a little nervous. But with your answers we are gaining a nice comfort level. Thanks again for all of your kind input.
  6. Now long ago I was there. It has lot's of sand, occasional reeds and very few fish. That said, I was snorkeling near the rocks by the dock and almost swam into a barracuda. He just smiled and I swam backwards, doing a "Phelps" impression until I got some distance between us. Jack
  7. No, I do not own the Herkimer Cheese Co, but the original owners were neighbors of mine. Now , the second and third generation are the operators of the store.
  8. Thanks Your answers will give my wife comfort. Jack
  9. Hi My wife can walk short distances and only stand for a few minutes. Rather then using the collapsible wheel chair (our own) for more then just embarking and disembarking. We are looking to rent a scooter for the upcoming cruise. I'm looking at renting form Scootaround, and they have a good relationship with the cruise lines. I'd read that the company will drop the scooter at out cabin for our convenience. But as this is our first cruise with a scooter we have some questions. I have always found the folks on Cruise Critic to have the best answers. So I'
  10. I appreciate the feed back on the soda (and water ). I can still get some Herkimer Cheese to go with the wine. They have a nice store a few miles from me. And with the Amish all around here I can get several varieties- cow, goat, even alpalka cheese. Which bring up a different question. Can I bring cheese on board to accompany my wine? Jack
  11. I know we can take 1 bottle of wine each. My question is - can you also bring a 12 pack of soda?
  12. I'm totally confused about what is $ and what is included. I watched a video ad about Sunrise and it offered that the Sauna was free. Jack
  13. Appreciate the input How big are the cabana's and villa's? How many can fit comfortably? We are a bunch of seniors and like a little extra room. I'm guessing you can reserve the cabana with the ship before you sail? Jack
  14. Hello and thanks I looked at the schedule and noticed that while we are in Bermuda for 2 days the first day was already filled. I'm betting the other ships in port filled that day slot. So I was getting nervous about being shut out. Until recently, I never paid attention to excursions and how accessible they were. On our last cruise to Canada, we dallied looking for things to do in port and by the time a decision was made all of the accessible excursions were full. So I promised myself not to wait. Yesterday, I did got a reservation with Island tour Centre. Af
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