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  1. propwash

    CCL Stock and OBC

    Thanks for the information. Danny
  2. propwash

    CCL Stock and OBC

    Do days on a land portion of the land/cruise count the same as sea days, SO on our 18 day land/cruise, is it 18 days or only 7 days for the sea portion? Thanks Danny
  3. Does anyone know which hotel you stay at when doing the Denali land cruise in Anchorage? Is it a Westmark Hotel like the in Fairbanks? Thanks for the help. Danny
  4. propwash

    New Cruiser to Alaska

    We did the Amsterdam back in 2002 and found raining weather and VERY rough seas going North. Coming back to Seattle the same rough seas were riding much smoother. This next trip, we're going from Vancouver and doing the Yukon then Denali portion 1st and then sailing South back to Vancouver.
  5. propwash

    Short Oosterdam/Neptune suite review

    We weer in a Neptune Suite back in October on the "O" and had 1 breakfast in the PG. It was the same story took for ever and when they brought our breakfast it was wrong. I ordered a omelet with bacon, mushrooms, and cheese and got a salmon omelet. Not many people in the grill too so why the long wait, don't know. Told the manager and it appeared to fly over him. Danny
  6. propwash

    Double/Triple Denali/Yukon Info

    The Denali Star Train website shows 12 hours from Anchorage to Fairbanks. Anybody how long it takes from Anchorage to the McKinley Chalet Resort? Is the train different for HAL? Thanks Danny
  7. propwash

    Double/Triple Denali/Yukon Info

    Thank you for the reply. My reason for sailing South is back in 2002 we did the inland passage and when we came out to go to Hubbard Glacier, we had 18 foot swells and the ship was pitching badly on the return trip going South the same swells were A LOT smoother. It has to do with going against the current. Danny
  8. propwash

    Double/Triple Denali/Yukon Info

    So if I follow this thread correctly, if you do a Triple Denali from Fairbanks you get not only the Tundra Tour BUT also a river ride and gold dredge. If you start in Anchorage for the Triple you ONLY get the Tundra tour but have options for paid excursions. Is this right?????. We're thinking to do the land 1st because of smoother sailing going South. I see people have said you get detailed information when you get your travel info, but that might be too late to make decisions. THANKS for the help Danny
  9. We were on the portion from Rome to Venice (Oct3-15) and had a great time. I feel lucky that we missed that huge rain storm that flooded St Mark's Square waist deep because the pictures I saw were not very nice. Danny
  10. propwash

    Double/Triple Denali/Yukon Info

    Thanks for the info. Which did you do first, land or cruise? Danny
  11. On our last cruise we talked to the future cruise consultant about Alaska trips. She said on the Denali/Yukon land/sea cruise that there are activities scheduled for the land portions. When I look on HAL's website I don't see any activities listed only excursions for pay. Is there someplace that describes what happens on the land portion that's included in the base price or is every activity a paid excursion? Thanks for the help. Danny
  12. propwash

    Before I call HAL

    It was the Neptune Suite, no upsell offer. Thanks Danny
  13. propwash

    Before I call HAL

    NO upsell, straight Neptune buy Danny
  14. propwash

    Before I call HAL

    If you book a cruise through a big box store, I guess you don't get extra credits for neptune suite I purchased 3 excursions before the cruise and 9 onboard and when I checked my status, I only had 12 days credit. Opinions before I call them. THANKS Danny
  15. propwash

    EXEC Tours

    Are the Exec tour prices guaranteed? When we received our "personal" copy of our itinerary one of the tours we were interested in was showing $79.95, today, when I went to book it now, shows $94,95. Is this normal? Thanks Danny