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  1. THANKS to all. I must have misunderstood the TA. Danny
  2. I thought when I booked our 2022 Yukon/Alaska 18 day trip that the agent said we got Shore Excursions, Specialty Dinning, Drink Package, WiFi and gratuities for a price. But I don't see any mention of the gratuities anywhere. Did I misunderstand what she said and that the gratuities were for the drink package? Thanks for the help. Danny
  3. I got an email notice today that Travel Guard has approved my refund in a voucher to be used by April 2022. I'd say great job they've done no matter what others think. Danny
  4. 1st of all we purchased the insurance for trip interruption and medical emergencies. 2nd the trip and insurance effective date wasn't scheduled until August 12, 2020. 3rd HAL cancelled ALL land portions of Alaska cruises for 2020. I'm sure the Canadian government had something to do with part of it for the Yukon.
  5. As anybody had success at getting a refund on their travel insurance from a 3rd party insurer like Travel Guard because your cruise was cancelled by the cruise line 4 months before sail date? Thanks Danny
  6. In the 3rd week of June 2002 we sailed from Seattle Northbound. After coming out of the inland passage we encountered 18ft swells and gale force winds. Rough seas! On the return from Hubbard Glacier we had the same situation BUT the ride was MUCH smoother. Reason being the ocean current flows from North to South so you're going with the current instead of fighting it. Danny
  7. So I went to the CC site for making a countdown clock and copied it into my signature, but all it shows is the url address. Ideas??? Thanks for the help. Danny
  8. I have one for August 2019 in a PDF if that helps. Don't know if it can be inserted or how. Danny
  9. We did this trip last October. As mentioned, formal night is more like business casual. Some suits, most women dressed in log dresses. We enjoyed the trip so very much. Be prepared to do a LOT of walking and climbing of steps if you go on any excursions. Danny
  10. Has anybody this month that's been in either The Yukon or Fairbanks seen the Northern Lights? We were supposed to be there from August 1 until today but our trip got cancelled due to me having emergency surgery. I'm wondering if we missed seeing them. Thanks Danny
  11. So how you find out which trips are repositioning???? Thanks
  12. Last October we did the HAL transfer by bus. It took just over an hour. We left about 11 am. There ware several buses going later. Danny
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