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  1. Personally, I would be pleased if P&O did this too as I rather fancy a Caribbean trip with them (having lost my booking on AJ in Nov 2021).
  2. I did exactly the same with ABTA plus, separately, a credit card charge back request with my bank for the "Additions" package I bought directly from CMV. I hope I'll receive some monies back by Christmas!
  3. I should guess that whoever buys her will want to put their own name to her. I, too, was booked on the AJ for her Caribbean cruise in November next year and very disappointed that won't happen especially as it was the first time I was ever going to have a cabin with a balcony. Oh well.
  4. I apologise for the cookies etc on the SKY piece. I had not realised the problem for some.
  5. https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-cruise-line-cmv-races-for-funds-to-keep-it-afloat-12008553?fbclid=IwAR2wiPTnKVGY4CrAGs9N04lGb3Qc6X9RQu3iAwgPAFAYckrtC3jr3a_FLis Fingers crossed that this is just a blip.
  6. As I have said elsewhere I would be totally surprised if there are any cruises this year. To a greater or lesser extent most of the world still has degrees of COVID-19 which, without a vaccine, is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. Cunard, for one, has taken a realistic view by cancelling all cruises until November. I would be surprised if other lines do anything different. Where are they to go in any case? Personally, I think CMV has treated its passengers with cruises booked for the next few months with some contempt and people do not forget. There are many other
  7. My wife and I have been self isolating since mid March relying on our wonderful neighbours and the supermarkets' online deliveries. We both go out for short daily walks - separately, so we have something to talk about on our return! - and use Skype regularly to talk to our children and their families. We haven't yet ventured into our local town and won't do so until we feel it is really safe and the level of coronavirus infections has reduced more (although we do have one of the lowest in England at present). My wife, who is not travelling on Columbus, is worried if the cruise go
  8. Well, despite what looks inevitable, we have to stay optimistic that the trip will go ahead albeit in a different form from originally advertised. Keep safe yourself.
  9. Hi, Although I didn't personally visit the Jade Spa & Beauty Salon - at my age I doubt they could do anything to improve my looks! - several of my female friends onboard did (and several times too). I can remember them saying how enjoyable it had been and that they had experienced different treatments including hairdressing. In terms of cost I quote an example from a "Welcome On Board" brochure given out at the start of my 2018 world trip: "One Hour of Pure Massage Indulgence!": 20 mins head and face massage 20 mins back, neck and shoulder massage 20 mins fo
  10. The above seems to prove what I have found - the onboard crews tend to display much better customer relations than the office and administrative staff. I accept they are probably feeling some what overwhelmed at the moment (who wouldn't be?) but if other cruise companies can update customers on a regular basis and treat them in a professional way there is no apparent reason why CMV shouldn't do the same. They must have an eye on their future too: customers do not forget their experience and CMV should always remember there are other cruise companies vying for business. I have not been impre
  11. Hi hopcyns, I wouldn't call myself very experienced but I was lucky enough on my world trip in 2018 to take advantage of a number of HOHO buses. Their big, and obvious, advantage, as I see it, is that if you only have a limited time in port (as we often do) it gives you the chance to maximise seeing as much of the sights as possible. Often, ship's excursions often tend to have more of a narrow focus on a particular set of places rather than a more general view. Even if they do a tour of a city, excursion buses don't always stop where you want and time off bus can be very limited
  12. For your and my sake, I hope it happens but I'm afraid I am getting more and more pessimistic about it given the world-wide situation at present. I know we have 6 months before embarkation in Tilbury but will the programmed ports be willing/able to take cruise ships in the first 4 months of next year? The Seychelles Government has already closed Victoria until 2022. How many others will follow suit?
  13. I am very grateful for the responses to my question re ABTA. At least now I have more information on which to base a final decision on whether to go ahead and pay the full fare or cancel and lose my deposit. Thank you.
  14. "so the best consumer advice in the UK is to pay the balance and request a refund when/if the cruise is cancelled as that should result in a full refund (at some stage), and would be covered by ABTA if the company collapses before the refund is made." Just to clarify for my tiny brain. If CMV were to go bust and I had paid the full fare would ABTA, in due course, refund the whole sum or only a partial amount?
  15. Although my cabin, as I indicated before, was on deck 10 so far as I know they are all to the same standard and layout. Unlike when I travelled, of course, there are now kettles in the cabin. Hope you have a great trip and the weather is favourable..
  16. Last year I stayed at the Ibis London Thurrock which was comfortable, had decent food and was a reasonably quick taxi trip to the London Cruise Terminal at Tilbury. Although the hotel is alongside the M25 the double glazing is excellent and I heard no noise - even though my window was opposite the motorway - during my stay. Very pleasant reception staff. A number of other cruise passengers stayed there and I shared a taxi with a couple which halved the £20 taxi fare.
  17. My alter ego Beltonian (I used to live in Belton Norfolk but now I have moved back up north i am reverting to my home town roots) already posted on the Roll Call page as below. I am very happy that my remarks about the 2018 trip proved of some use.
  18. I would be very happy to supply more of my meanderings if you could be a little more specific. I have now booked the 2021 trip which will include new places for me as well as some familiar ones. I am very pleased to be going back to Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and French Polynesia (and hoping for better weather in Tahiti and Bora Bora where it was rather cloudy most of the time unfortunately - still loved the places though!) as well as seeing new spots such as Brazil, Indian Ocean Islands and Tonga. A return to East and South Africa which I last saw in December 1971 will be
  19. Dear Denis and Pat, Only too glad to have made a very small contribution. If there is anything else I can help you with please let me know. I look forward to reading a review of your trip on your return if you feel inclined to do one. It may help me - and others - with the 2021 cruise. Best wishes Stephen
  20. I would say that the Shore Excursions Department was probably one of the two the weakest areas on the ship on my trip. Some of the oral presentations were a little patchy. However, it always a pleasure when Miran from Croatia was presenting. He was also the most courteous. I found some of the others in that department to be less than helpful. The organisational abilities on the mornings of a few of the tours also left something to be desired. This department should be one of the primary areas of the ship to be totally on top of things and present a pleasant and helpful face to passengers w
  21. So pleased you enjoyed it and ignored the discontents. Like you, I had nothing to do with them on the 2018 trip. They only let themselves down but if they enjoy their own misery so be it. I always take small dollar denominations, probably about $100 in ones as well as currencies on my preloaded cards. It's amazing what you can buy, particularly in Asia, for a few dollars. T shirts, bracelets, fridge magnets, knick knacks etc. One lesson I learned in the hard way in Asia with regard to T shirts is always buy a size above what you would wear in the West. I bought some in Vietn
  22. Sincerely hope that which line you choose or wherever you go you both have a great holiday.
  23. Not sure how it could be described as "torture". Many couples I met were very happy to eat in the buffet especially as the service in the MDR was often slow. Still, as they say, each to his own. Shame, though, as you would miss a great experience if you decided not to go with CMV.
  24. Well, you can do this at every meal if you choose to eat in the buffet - same food as the MDR.
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