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  1. We will be on Harmony on April 5 - a family of four for Spring Break. We are driving down to Orlando, so no airplane worries. We actually just booked about two weeks ago because the prices had dropped so low. We have no plans of cancelling, but it is nice to know that we have that option if things start to spiral even further out of control.
  2. I'm sailing Harmony in a few weeks and the description says it includes a "Chef selected lunch menu featuring Sabor's most popular dishes." What were you served at Giovanni's? Does anyone know what the lunch menu includes at Sabor?
  3. Can you only buy buckets from certain bars? Do they open all the beers when you buy it or could we buy a bucket, drink one or two, and store the rest in the fridge in our cabin for another time?
  4. YAY!!! I completed the online check in and added the SetSail passes to my mobile wallet and the two rooms are only not only both on Deck 11, they are two doors away from each other! I am so glad I took a chance on the Guarantee Rooms and saved $2000 in the process!
  5. What is the difference? Where would I find the Setsail pass. I don't see a barcode on my e-docs.
  6. So, I got my e-docs, and both reservations say Deck 11 although a specific cabin number is not listed. Does this actually mean Deck 11 or is that just some kind of place holder until the specific rooms are assigned?
  7. So, here's my next question then... Since it is a Neighborhood Guarantee, the rooms can be in the Boardwalk or Central Park area which are two different categories. If we wind up with one of each and I call asking it to be switched, will they do it?
  8. Did you just call and asked to have them changed? And they did it? I wonder why they didn’t just put them near each other to begin with! How far out did you receive your assignment? We are looking to sail in April and there are quite a few Boardwalk rooms left and hardly any Central Park. I am hoping that works in our favor!
  9. I just booked two guaranteed neighborhood balcony cabins on Harmony of the Seas. I am a little nervous about booking two guarantees and having them be on opposite ends of the ship, but it was $2000 less than choosing our own rooms. I called RC and they said they would make a note on the reservations to have the rooms be as close as possible. What does everyone think? Is it worth the risk? Has anyone ever had any luck booking multiple guarantees and having them close to each other? Thanks for your opinions!
  10. Hello! I am new to MSC and have been pricing out some potential cruises. I came across the option for the Super Family Fantastica stateroom and it seems too good to be true. Two connecting balcony staterooms for an 8 day cruise during Spring Break week for only $3100??? What am I missing?
  11. Hi Sid! Last year, my family and I were on the Breakaway a few weeks after you and I loved your review! We are now thinking about Horizon this spring with the same itinerary you just did. I got on CC to do some research and was so excited to find another one of your great reviews! So, here’s my question... One of the reasons we are considering this cruise is for the ports - they would be all new for us just as they were for you. But, you didn’t seem too crazy about any of these places. Are they worth visiting, or should we stick with tried and true Cozumel?
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