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  1. You may have to be tested before you arrive at the port.
  2. This is why I am waiting on my January 9th to be cancelled by NCL. My first cruise was cancelled last March so my FCC's bonus, cash that is now FCC's all have of an expiration date of March 2021. I want leverage so I will let them cancel. I should have NEVER took the FCC 25 percent bonus and ask for a cash refund.
  3. My edocs are there for me to print on my January 9th cruise. I am just waiting for Norwegian to cancel this cruise?
  4. I agree I wish I would have taken the refund back in March for my April cruise. I have a January cruise scheduled I am sure it will be cancelled The prices to rebook this same cruise are much higher solo cabin is over 1700 that is 600 more than I originally paid for the same cruise.
  5. OK I am going to have re-schedule once again when ncl cancels for January. i have also noticed very high prices on some of these cruises I am looking at. Any idea when it will be safe to schedule out of NYC? Do you think April or May will be to soon? all ideas suggestions appreciated
  6. I agree I want to lock my cell in the safe and forget about it. I get calls 24 hours a day for work and I want to be cell phone free when on vacation. off the grid with the amenities of room service lol
  7. You can always dispute the charges with your credit card company that you used to purchase the cruise since services were never provided. I believe this has worked for some people. Stay Safe
  8. I am still scheduled on that cruise I am using FCCs so I will wait it out.
  9. Thank you seems fair to me but I am thinking maybe staff and family of the staff will be the first choice.
  10. It would be nice if they would use the passengers already booked for a trial cruise then let them reschedule another future cruise.
  11. According to this article please follow the link. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/cruising-wont-resume-in-us-waters-until-2021-with-lines-renewing-a-voluntary-suspension/ar-BB1aF3EJ?ocid=msedgntp
  12. https://abc7chicago.com/crusie-refund-cancelled-cruise-norwegian-alaskan/6383803/ Please see link on the news article retires trying to get refund. Refund not looking good if you took the FCC.
  13. Have you called them and ask for a refund? What about contacting the credit card company to dispute the charges? I would send Norwegian a request in writing for a refund and explain your situation. It is always best to have written documentation.
  14. I am so looking forward to seeing the Encore not sure if my cruise will sail on Jan 9th 2021 but can't wait to see this ship it sounds fabulous.
  15. If when I wasn't cruising solo meeting other people on the cruise was indeed a favorite part of my trip.
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