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  1. Thank You for the information.
  2. My cruise is scheduled to be in the last week of September 2021. Are they still having Harbour nights? If so do the ferries run a late return to the Royal Navy Dockyard?
  3. I just put a deposit down on the 09/26. Jamie they need upgrade you to haven on these cruises. I bet you sold a few for them. I just can't decide on a hotel now. There are so many choices in Manhattan. I am thinking the Marriott Marquis I think it is near Times Square.
  4. I would considering doing both life is short and it has been a tough a year. These prices on the Bermuda cruises are great. I am thinking of changing my plans as well. lol I would talk with your SO and see what you both think is best. I love Bermuda it is beautiful.
  5. This looks like a good price. I don't remember seeing it earlier.
  6. Thank you to everyone I am enjoying all your replies! I am so worried NCL will not be able to staff these ships and we are going to have more cancelled cruises. I hope I am wrong!
  7. Yes I plan on doing both cruise at some point just having a hard time deciding which one to go on first. Thank you for the great information.
  8. Thank you for the information. The Bliss is also cheaper and allows me to book a balcony with my credits.
  9. Thank you for the information. Encore is more expensive so I would just book a solo for that cruise but my credits would allow me a balcony on the Bliss. My flight is much longer for the Bliss but I have credit with Delta that should cover most of my flight. I like H20 and love the thermal spa.
  10. Thank you for the information. Can you please share your favorite beaches? Thank You
  11. Thanks for your information. Can you just relax on the beach on GSC? I do admit it looks like a great place.
  12. Thanks for your information any beach hotels near the port you could recommend? I want to stay a couple days pre-cruise. Also have you done the ride a camel on the beach excursion?
  13. Thanks for that Sid I was so shocked the cruises out of Jamaica were cancelled. I spent hours and hours planning my trip. Thanks for making me laugh about it. My goal is to go on a cruise by the end of year now. lol ( all I want for Christmas) I hope you get to cruise soon don't give up! Tracie
  14. OK I am here planning another cruise since my Joy from Jamaica was cancelled. I want a beach vacation so at this time no Alaska cruise for me. I need some help so please educate me on the ships and ports. I am looking at the Encore out of Miami on December 12 or the Bliss out of LA Dec 12. I have not been on either ship and the ports are new to me. Details of each cruise Bliss out of LA ports are Puerto Vallarta, Mazatan, Cabo San Lucas Mexican ports Encore out of MI ports are Great Stirrup Cay Bahamas, St. Thomas US Virgin Islands, Tortola British Virgin Islands,
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