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  1. Jammy Bun posted: "Whilst the coach transfer went as smoothly as it could have done, we left Gullweig at 8:30am and didn’t meet up with Egil until 12:30 at Grein. We have done very little actual cruising..." This comment has me confused. If you were headed to Budapest, was this at the latter stages of your river cruise? 4 hours for the transfer does not seem terribly long, at least to me. Were there other times you were not on the ship itself? Thanks for the clarification. We leave Amsterdam on Grand European on Oct 1.
  2. Excellent info and advice. We will stick to Passau and play Budapest by ear. Much obliged.
  3. We are booked Viking Grand European Tour, A to B, on October 1st. Couple questions on excursion options: 1) Walking tour of Passau v. day-long trip to Salzburg? 2) Apparently Viking no longer offering evening cruise of Budapest, recommend booking privately? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for all the input. Keep the comments coming!
  5. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our Into the Midnight Sun cruise last year, and would like to book another. We have done 9 Princess cruises, mostly Caribbean. To those fortunate enough to have done multiple VO cruises, what has been top of the list for you? Much obliged!
  6. So let me see if I understand you correctly. You bought something, and in making the purchase you received a $200 credit, $100 pp. You changed your mind and returned the purchase. The seller declined to let you keep the $200 credit. And you think this is unfair?
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