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  1. So this is a spin-off of a similar thread on the River Cruises forum. We booked a cruise with Viking during the "Risk Free" promotion. In addition, we have confirmed we have 90% coverage for medical through our Blue Cross/Blue Shield medical insurance. Given those two factors, is there any reason to spend almost $2K on either Viking or another 3rd party trip insurance program? Am I missing something important? Thanks for the assistance. Escaper
  2. Thanks for the responses. Decided to book France's Finest for October 2022. Celebrating 30 years of The Boss putting up with me! Plus, she has never been to Paris, so this should be fun.
  3. The Silver Spirits promotion is valid for all bookings. The "up to $1500" is based on a 16 day booking, PV or better for Ocean, V or better for River. Sliding scale for shorter bookings. HOWEVER, the big one not discussed is the free category upgrade, which is nice. Finally, they extended their "risk free" booking policy beyond June 30th, which is probably a reality for them at this point. Too much uncertainty.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. We did Grand European Tour last Fall. Loved it. There is slight overlap between Grand and the Paris to Alps, but is the best part, the scenic cruising of the Rhine. None of the cities are duplicates. My wife has never been to Paris, so we will certainly take the extension there irrespective of which itinerary we choose. The wonderful Cruise Director on our Grand trip spoke very highly of the France's Finest trip now that Viking can dock in Paris itself. If anyone else has feedback, it would be appreciated.
  5. Sure: France's Finest is https://www.vikingrivercruises.com/cruise-destinations/europe/frances-finest/2021-paris-avignon/index.html Paris to Alps is: https://www.vikingrivercruises.com/cruise-destinations/europe/paris-swiss-alps/2021-paris-zurich/index.html Thanks!
  6. Trying to decide between 2 Viking itineraries for the Fall of 2022. 1) France's Finest, which is the back to back Normandy and Rhone cruises; 2) Paris to the Swiss Alps. Would appreciate feedback and thoughts on those two options. Thanks!
  7. We just did the Prague 3 day extension at the back end of Grand European. Do it. Bus ride is not bad, plenty of stops, and a comfortable coach. Prague is not to be missed, IMO.
  8. Looking for reviews and feedback on this cruise itinerary. Not at all sure this has started yet? Also would like information and feedback on any of the offered pre- and post cruise extensions. Thanks! Escaper
  9. We are currently in Wurzburg on Viking Ve. Informed this evening no ship swap necessary, as we have "a meter" of water over the low threshold and can proceed. Escaper
  10. We are on Viking Ve. There were 5 Viking ships in Koln today. We were *told* we had to move to the industrial area due to low water levels. I think they were fibbing or stretching the truth, as we certainly saw the same Viking sister ships docked in downtown area. I think they probably have limited capacity, and we were diverted to the industrial area. The weather was cold and rainy, so not may folks availed themselves of the opportunity to re-visit Koln after the morning excursions, partially since all the retail was closed due to Unification National Holiday. Esca
  11. Currently on Viking Ve heading towards Koln, travelling A to B. Advised this evening that currently water levels on critical section of Danube at 262cm, and need 290. However, rain in forecast so they will monitor situation until we reach a decision stage, likely in about 4 days. Escaper
  12. This was available on Viking Ocean, so checking for upcoming trip on Viking River. Thanks!
  13. We are booked Grand European A to B on October 1. Just informed that due to ship swap upstream, we are switching from Gefjon to Ve. They advise us that there are potential ship swaps ahead, but that they are monitoring the situation carefully and will keep us informed. Sorry to say this, but hoping you get some rain in Germany, please!
  14. Jammy Bun posted: "Whilst the coach transfer went as smoothly as it could have done, we left Gullweig at 8:30am and didn’t meet up with Egil until 12:30 at Grein. We have done very little actual cruising..." This comment has me confused. If you were headed to Budapest, was this at the latter stages of your river cruise? 4 hours for the transfer does not seem terribly long, at least to me. Were there other times you were not on the ship itself? Thanks for the clarification. We leave Amsterdam on Grand European on Oct 1.
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