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  1. I have future cruise credits on both Princess and Celebrity plus a gift card for Holland America. All of them said that they expired on December 31, 2021. As mentioned when I opted for these it was back in the March/April time frame. Who would have ever guessed that cruising would completely stop for 2020 and now I am starting to think that this may extend into the first quarter of 2021. That would leave very little cruises available for 2021 and I am certain I am like many who have FCC and would look to use them before they expired. I question if the cruise lines upon re-opening would ha
  2. I took FCC on three cruises that were all cancelled. I thought when they cancelled I certainly would use up at least one of them in 2020 and the remainder in 2021. I am now starting to wonder if they will expire before they can be used. Cruising is obviously done for 2020 leaving only 12 months and even if they start again with all the back log of cruisers with FCC I wonder if they would even have capacity to satisfy everyone. Your thoughts?
  3. I purchased some Holland American Gift Cards during their promotion that indicated that they would provide a $200 additional bonus card for each $1,000 card purchased. That was back in June the promotion ended June 30. I was told that I would get my digital cards immediately and the bonus cards in 2 to 3 business days. I have called several times and emailed the gift card department. I have never heard back from the gift card department and the agents just tell me that they are backlogged. I can understand some delay but to go from a couple of business days to now almost 2 months is alrea
  4. Had a May 9 cruise that was cancelled back in March. On June 16 received back the port charges and taxes but have never got anything regarding the FCC. Is this typical? What have others experienced in terms of the time to get the FCC. Seems like that should go fairly fast.
  5. Charles4515 I agree, they obviously are like a gift card that has an expiration so the cruise lines know that they will have a pent up demand to use them up irrespective of price. Fares now on most cruises listed are much much higher. The same cruise I booked is offered at a worse time of the year in the Mediterranean and is double the price I had booked for prime time in August. Nope, I will ask for a refund and if anything book at the last minute if the prices drop.
  6. Yes, I had two cruises with NCL booked for August in the Mediterranean. Both canceled. That now makes 6 cruises I have booked and all cancelled. No more FCC for me. The prices for the new sailings are more than double.
  7. I just tried to buy some gift cards online. My transaction went through and then I got an email saying that we are unable to process your gift card order. The charges went through on my credit card and it does show both a charge and refund pending. Is there are reason for that such as they are no longer offering the program?
  8. Lido-Lanai Looks like I should have phrased it differently. It appears there is a $200 bonus when purchasing a $1,000 card. If looks as if when you purchase more than $1,000 you still only get one $200 gift card. Does anyone know if you can purchase one at a time the cards and get the $200 bonus each time or if there is an aggregate limit of $200 to a single purchaser?
  9. Does anyone know is there a limit on the amount of cards you can purchase? Lets say I have a cruise that is $2.000 per passenger could I buy $4,000 in cards?
  10. npcl, I am not sure where you get the 80,000 figure from but even if that is accurate this is a country with 97 million people. In regards to Sweden. The point you and others seem to miss is that despite no lock down. Their situation is not any worse than Italy, Spain, France, U.K. or Belgium.. If the lockdowns and other social distancing were effective, those countries would have markedly lower rates and Swedens astronomically higher. The fact that Swedens is lower proves that IT MADE NO DIFFERENCE. My original point was that cruise lines seem to be slammed unfairly an
  11. PortFees45 I am not saying you are stupid, you just don't think well. Vaccines "prevent" they don't cure. Despite a vaccine for influenza between 5% and 20% of the world gets influenza each and every year. You also "edited" my statement. I did not say that Coronavirus was like the Flu. I said the TREATMENT was no different than the flu. There is NO CURE for the flu either. A person who is hospitalized with the flu has their symptoms treated. If they are having trouble breathing they are assisted. SAME AS THE CORONAVIRUS. Study sometime. The common cold is caused by the virus. I
  12. pmd98052 You are wrong there are "treatments" https://www.healthgrades.com/right-care/coronavirus/how-hospitals-treat-covid-19-patients This is no different than the flu, cancer, etc. NO CURE but the hospitals give supportive care to alleviate the symptoms. The point still is that cruise lines are getting unfairly lambasted. The only reason they can point to a cruise line is that a passenger is on board for one week or longer. The person gets sick along with others and they are all geographically in the same place. The ship. If you took 3000 people and dispersed the
  13. pmd98052 I have been on over 25 cruises. I know this might shock you but I don't see the majority of the people on the cruise ship for 14 days and the only time I come in contact with them is at meals, shore excursion, or the shows. THAT IS NO DIFFERENT THAN GOING TO A MOVIE THEATER AND RESTAURANT. I don't sit next to 3000 passengers for 14 days. If I go to a shopping mall, I likely come in contact with far more people than on a cruise ship. If I go shopping at Walmart there are likely upwards of over 1,000 people in the store a confined space space. You are delusional that there
  14. PMD98052 The point is that the world seems completely nuts over the number of deaths due to the corona virus However you are missing the point. Despite Vacine 188,000 people still die from the flu, despite medical advances almost 3 million children under age 5 died so far this year. Abortion, is a life lost to abortion any less valuable to you? Deaths during childbirth if you don't understated that I can see why you are having difficulty with the rest of the statistics. Yes, HiV and Aids are both preventable and treatable. However given your paranoia are you not worried that someone on
  15. Adorabelle no I actually use sources not my personal opinion which is obviously what you rely on. https://www.worldometers.info
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