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    December 16th Escape Quick Review

    No other ships for us. That island must have been packed if two ships were using it.
  2. The Norwegian Escape ship, staff and food was amazing! My only criticism would be the holiday decorations and holiday spirit. Specifically, the lack. We sailed through the Christmas holiday. My expectations were that the ship would be very decorated (trees, wreaths, lights, etc.). I was also hoping for more seasonal activities. Perhaps something like Christmas Carole Karaoke, make your own gingerbread house or stocking or something, Christmas movie trivia. I couldn’t even find egg nog or a Christmas themed cookie. The Gingerbread House display was wonderful and beautiful, but that was it. There were trees here and there and a few decorations, but overall it was underwhelming. It is a cruise and I have a good expectation of price vs. services and amenities. I choose Norwegian because I feel I get the best service for the price. The Christmas week cruise was significantly more than the week before or the week after. With that in mind I had an expectation of getting something more for the extra cost. I was disappointed. Every day is Monday for the crew and it is hard work. I’m sure that running a cruise ship requires a very precise time clock and the ability to repeat the same thing week in and week out. Asking them to put up (and take down) a ton of Christmas decorations, might be much. I also understand that there were probably about 10% of the customers that do not celebrate Christmas. But, if you are going to charge more to sail on Christmas then you should try to at least make it feel like Christmas for the 90% who paid more to be there.
  3. NoXmas

    December 16th Escape Quick Review

    Regarding the tendering to Great Stirrup Cay. I was on the same cruise the following week (12/23) and they were definitely doing something different. I tried to book a tender reservation on the in-room TV, but all the times said 12:00 AM. We knew we wanted breakfast before we got off, so I didn't book anything. The next morning we got up at about 8:00 and went for breakfast. At about 8:30, they announced that they were starting to board Group 1. We walked out of Savor and just got into the crowd going down the stairs. They didn't stage anyone in the Theater. We walked down to Deck 4 and there was a line but it was moving at a pretty good clip. We went through security and they scanned our cards and, to our surprise, said have a nice day! We proceed to board one of two large tender boats and we were on the island by 9:15. Nothing was open yet, but we claimed our clam shells and settle in for a nice day on the beach. By 2:00 we had enough and meandered back to the tender dock, where we got on a waiting tender and we were back on the ship by 2:45 and in the Thermal Spa by 3:00. Guess we just got lucky!