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  1. In my opinion only cash prizes are worth the resultant tax bill in the US. The American tax code is sufficiently complex and oppressive to the point that it actually encourages under-reporting.
  2. So per Cunard’s website the next TA leaves for New York on June 9th, and they are still selling staterooms as I type. Personally I cannot even remotely imagine that this cruise will actually happen, but here’s my question.... The official UK government website regarding COVID restrictions states the following: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/travel-advice-novel-coronavirus If you are in the UK you should not travel abroad. Under current UK COVID-19 restrictions, you must stay at home. You must not travel, including abroad, unless you have a legally permitted reaso
  3. Just curious, COVID seems likely to be with us for some time, certainly all of 2021 based on the latest assessments. So is anyone sufficiently optimistic to actually part with money on Cunard ?
  4. There will certainly be world cruises - they just won’t stop anywhere.
  5. I just can’t fathom the mindset of people who are still jumping at the first chance of a cruise right in the middle of a worldwide COVID pandemic. Doubtless they will all be complaining about being stuck on the ship in quarantine while they would all rush back home and infect yet more people given half a chance. Give up your cruise addiction for a year and let this thing pass !
  6. Not with Cunard but: 1. Jamaica - a truly nightmarish place. 2. Mexico - any port 3. Southampton - just dismal
  7. I love optimists but quite honestly you would have to be out of your mind to book a cruise on any line right now, even with a guaranteed refund. These cruise lines and their associated airlines are likely to fail financially over the next 12 months, the smart thing to do is to wait until there is some stability both with the spread of this highly contagious disease and financial stability with the cruise lines. Just my opinion, ultimately it’s your money and your health, I just encourage you to consider the risks before deciding.
  8. Hopefully the Carnival ships will be scrapped with the passengers still on them. Just kidding !! 😉
  9. I used the spa on both TA crossings I have completed, most recently in 2017 and found it to be in a poor state of repair on both occasions. Tiles were missing on the jacuzzi, a ceiling tile was falling down, one of the showers was broken, and some of the optional settings on the other didn’t work (rainforest, summer shower etc). The hydro pool on the other hand is really nice but definitely not for swimming in.
  10. I recall that my First Class one way ticket from London to Chicago was $1,600 back in 2017. I found Cunard’s airfare prices to be extremely cheap.
  11. At a time when there is a global pandemic the last thing you need is a floating Petri dish with thousands of seventy plus cruisers merrily infecting both each other, and every country they visit. Sadly the cruise industry along with the airlines, hotels, and restaurants must bear the brunt of this, it just makes sense to limit travel. However, I doubt that all the prophets of doom who are predicting the end of cruising will be correct, but sadly 2020 is definitely going to be a write-off. Personally I think more about the financial well-being of the low income crew mem
  12. Having lost not one but two work colleagues to “fresh oysters” their absence from menus on QM2 was never a disappointment for me. They aren’t worth the risk in my honest opinion, and no I’ve never seen them served on either of my crossings.
  13. Cultural relativism is always interesting and thorny in equal measure since it is so subjective, but I will (nervously) add in my own 2 cents to the discussion, it’s a bit of a journey down memory lane so bear with me. When we sailed on Carnival Miracle back in the days when I was poor and she was brand new, we snagged a balcony cabin for exactly $1,000 for 2 adults sailing from Baltimore to the Caribbean for a week, yes Baltimore ! Carnival back then (2004 I think) didn’t have the bargain basement reputation it seems to have acquired now, and we only got our cheap tickets court
  14. I should have called this the spitting thread 😂 Thanks for the responses - most of you have confirmed what I have seen commented on elsewhere, many thanks it helps set expectations.
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