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  1. I love optimists but quite honestly you would have to be out of your mind to book a cruise on any line right now, even with a guaranteed refund. These cruise lines and their associated airlines are likely to fail financially over the next 12 months, the smart thing to do is to wait until there is some stability both with the spread of this highly contagious disease and financial stability with the cruise lines. Just my opinion, ultimately it’s your money and your health, I just encourage you to consider the risks before deciding.
  2. Hopefully the Carnival ships will be scrapped with the passengers still on them. Just kidding !! 😉
  3. I used the spa on both TA crossings I have completed, most recently in 2017 and found it to be in a poor state of repair on both occasions. Tiles were missing on the jacuzzi, a ceiling tile was falling down, one of the showers was broken, and some of the optional settings on the other didn’t work (rainforest, summer shower etc). The hydro pool on the other hand is really nice but definitely not for swimming in.
  4. I recall that my First Class one way ticket from London to Chicago was $1,600 back in 2017. I found Cunard’s airfare prices to be extremely cheap.
  5. At a time when there is a global pandemic the last thing you need is a floating Petri dish with thousands of seventy plus cruisers merrily infecting both each other, and every country they visit. Sadly the cruise industry along with the airlines, hotels, and restaurants must bear the brunt of this, it just makes sense to limit travel. However, I doubt that all the prophets of doom who are predicting the end of cruising will be correct, but sadly 2020 is definitely going to be a write-off. Personally I think more about the financial well-being of the low income crew members than I do about inconvenienced passengers. This is going to be very hard on them.
  6. Having lost not one but two work colleagues to “fresh oysters” their absence from menus on QM2 was never a disappointment for me. They aren’t worth the risk in my honest opinion, and no I’ve never seen them served on either of my crossings.
  7. Cultural relativism is always interesting and thorny in equal measure since it is so subjective, but I will (nervously) add in my own 2 cents to the discussion, it’s a bit of a journey down memory lane so bear with me. When we sailed on Carnival Miracle back in the days when I was poor and she was brand new, we snagged a balcony cabin for exactly $1,000 for 2 adults sailing from Baltimore to the Caribbean for a week, yes Baltimore ! Carnival back then (2004 I think) didn’t have the bargain basement reputation it seems to have acquired now, and we only got our cheap tickets courtesy of DW being a travel agent. We fell in love with Miracle when we were invited aboard for lunch and a cabin tour as part of DW’s job selling vacations on her, and they said we could sail all inclusive for $500 each if we wanted to - so it was a yes !! Our fellow passengers were an absolute delight, fun to be around and very well behaved, perfect travel companions actually. We made friends with our MDR servers, a girl from Romania and her young assistant from Latvia, gosh I wonder where they are today, and I remember asking them about passenger behavior. The Romanian girl (who was very professional) told us that they loved the passengers sailing from Baltimore but that they were all dreading the impending switch to New York, as the NYC passengers were known to be very rude and demanding (who knew !). My point being that cultural differences don’t need international lines of separation, they can even occur between ports of departure in the same country. I will however add one thought on the “spitting” sidebar discussion. Spitting is a cultural phenomenon in China as has been mentioned above, and it has to be understood in that light as disgusting as it is. Perhaps the worst experience I heard about was from a friend of mine who had to catch an internal flight between Chinese cities while on business, and was treated to the sight of his fellow passengers using the seat back pocket as their personal spittoon. So never ever reach into there to retrieve the in flight safety card on a Chinese airline, best advice you will hear today 😊
  8. I should have called this the spitting thread 😂 Thanks for the responses - most of you have confirmed what I have seen commented on elsewhere, many thanks it helps set expectations.
  9. Four years ago I would have agreed 100% I absolutely loved the Haven experience, in fact that photo of me to the left of this post was taken in the Haven restaurant on Getaway, but NCL have ruined the Haven experience for me with their ridiculously inflated prices - even for a regular Courtyard Penthouse Suite. The Yacht Club on MSC offers so much more than the Haven and it’s only half the price. NCL lost me on cost alone I’m afraid.
  10. Wow - so the Premium Selection IS included, passengers can really drink as much Remy Martin VSOP as they want for the entire cruise ?!? That’s astonishing.
  11. A sensitive question I know, but here goes. We have cruised mostly in the US (Caribbean and Mexico on NCL, Carnival, and Celebrity), and also completed a couple of TA’s with Cunard on the Queen Mary 2 and to be honest I haven’t seen much in the way of bad behavior even on our one Carnival cruise back in 2004. But I was prompted to ask the question by 2 things, the first was hearing about Carnival’s letter to passengers about bad behavior and drug use on their ships and the second was some negative comments about European passenger behavior on Mediterranean cruises especially on MSC. I’m just looking for some honest feedback on your recent personal experiences, especially as self and DW are looking at booking our first Med cruise and the Yacht Club feauture on MSC’s ships looks like a great deal. Thanks in advance.
  12. If you do a search on “cruise fight” on YouTube, Carnival always seems to be over-represented. Looks like senior management are attempting to change the brand’s somewhat tarnished image. I would love to see them enforce this policy on the 3 day Mexican Riviera cruises, the ship would be half empty.
  13. Simple question hopefully, I understand that anything in the mini-bar in a YC stateroom is gratis, but when they say all drinks included at all bars on the ship surely I am mis-reading that. Is there a dollar limit or a restriction on top-shelf liquor/cocktails/champagne etc ? Thanks in advance.
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