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  1. They had Santa show up in the Main theater on The Horizon on our Dec 14th thru 22nd Cruise. Also the Kids programs did a song and presentation. The grinch showed up was really cute. Hubs and I didnt even have kids with us on this cruise and we went to it. The Decorations are really pretty too.
  2. We will be on the Horizon in just 4 short days, and have read about the I-Max Theater. But I can not find info on the Thrill Theater. Only that its a 5-D experience. Does that mean there are special effects used while in there? I figure it moves, but what else does it do? Just wondering. Also cost and if its worth it? TIA
  3. Hubby and I always wait til day of the cruise at the hotel. I have a fear the luggage handlers at the airport would see the bags are going on a cruise and purposely leave them off the air plane. ( Tho that may be my anxiety talking) I don't take the chance. 😁
  4. On our last cruise in June on the Miracle and I have a back simulator implanted, I didnt have any issues with the security on the ship. I did have problems with security going through the airport ones. They had to wand me and checked my luggage for who knows what. But after about 10 mins they let me through. I even have a card I carry to tell them I have the Simulator.
  5. 24 months is 2 years old.. That said,, To the OP. I agree with bringing any meds the child may need on board, i.e. Tylenol, Motrin etc. Also an umbrella stroller for ship and ports. Dont know if any of your stops are tender stops but an Umbrella stroller is way easier to take on and off the tenders. Also take as many diapers that you will need for entire trip. They do not carry diapers and on our cruise a family was looking high and low on the ship. Even asking strangers with kids to buy some. Side note ...the best Planning is not going to prepare you for your cruise with a toddler, expect the unexpected. But most of all look at the stories you will tell when the child is bigger looking back at the pictures.. 🙂
  6. Great review so far. Loved the Miracle when we sailed on her in June. Was so much fun and great crew.
  7. Thank you for your reply. We will most likely get off the ship, see the port shops and get right back on the ship. I figured the ship would be busy.
  8. We are on the Horizon in December and was wondering if you did anything in La Romana, D.R. Or if you noticed alot of people staying on the ship at this port. Just wondering.. Thank you for your Review.
  9. I dont know how it works on the Horizon, But we cruised in June on the Miracle with 2 balcony cabins. We asked the room Steward and he said we had to go to guest services and they only have so much hardware to open them so get there soon. Guest services required one person from each cabin to be there and to agree to the opening. They opened the divider the next day about noonish. Hope that helps a little.
  10. Our 1st cruise was on a Fantasy Class Ship was the Paradise, when it was a non-smoking ship docked in Miami. It was a perfect size ship for a 1st cruise and I remember the ship fondly. We also took a cruise on the Fascination and it was great. I would take another cruise on a Fantasy Class if the price was right and the ports were ok. We usually fly in to Florida to meet the ships, always keeping an eye out.
  11. Will be on the Horizon in December. Loving your review so far. Hubby and me are like you, We want to get to the port city the night before. On our 3rd cruise we did a Fly in day of. Had to be up and at the airport at 8am, so we left at 5am. I would rather be sleeping ( or trying to sleep ) in a hotel. So excited to keep reading your review. Keep up the good work...
  12. We booked an extremely good rate on the Horizon for December. But it was only for Deck one. How quiet is it? Will there be crew noise all night from down below or are their crew cabins there? We usually book Cabins between decks for this purpose, But just wondering...
  13. 1 every few years. This is a lucky year we are going twice with Carnival. Did the Miracle in June and doing Horizon in December.
  14. Happy Birthday Sid! I hope you are having a wonderful Birthday Day. Looks like you had a good lunch today.
  15. Going on the Horizon in 83 Days. I am loving your review so far and can not wait for more of your adventures, Living vicariously through you. Have a wonderful 1st sea day today. -Debbi
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