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  1. My husband and I will be on Majesty over our anniversary in 2021. It’ll be our first cruise as diamond. Is there any special coffee for Diamond and above on board? Not a big deal if not; we’ll just get him a refreshment package like always, but just wondering so we could maybe save a few bucks
  2. That’s the understanding I have too, which isn’t a problem. We have 2 rooms but because the two girls going with us are only 19, my husband and I are booked in separate rooms with the girls booked in separate rooms. We don’t plan on actually staying in our assigned rooms, but we should be set for any pictures because they’ll either be of all of us, the two girls, or my husband and I.
  3. We bought ours in January for June cruise. Packages aren’t available yet for our December cruise. I just check in periodically because there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for when they open things up
  4. I purchased the All Prints photo package for Grandeur next month, and I was just wondering if anybody can let me know how it works. Do I need to go check photos every day and pull the ones I want or will they automatically be pulled? Just want to make sure we get every possible picture. We’ve got two first time cruisers with us that I want to have a bunch of photos for souvenirs, so I don’t want to miss out on any.
  5. I’ve never used a TA but I do remember my parents sending all our info to theirs when we were kids, so I’m pretty sure they have to do the check in too
  6. I doubt it. We asked our waiter and assistant waiter on our last cruise about that question. They asked their head waiter. It was a total surprise to all of them that that question was even on the survey.
  7. Also, if I get an email every time I make any kind of payment. I would assume going through a Ta, he/she should have gotten the email and should be able to share with you.
  8. In my experience, when it’s gray and can no longer be clicked, it’s paid off.
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