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  1. Dooney and Bourke is "soso" for me, I have one bag from them that is really cute (a white barrel bag) My favorite bags right now are Vera Bradley! They are quilted fabric bags and really cute! Miranda
  2. Sounds crazy, but I love the breads and little packets of butter :D :D :D I limit carbs usually, so that might be part of why it tastes sooooooooo good. Also could be the gorgeous view and the idea that I have a whole week of relaxation, therefore EVERYTHING seems aweseome! My other favorite is the water/tea on Carnivals ships. I LOVE the flavor of it and crave it after I get off the boat. Is that wierd? LOL Miranda
  3. We cruised while I was about 14 weeks prego, and had a blast. Of course, I was limited to SOME things, but we went to the beach and had a great time. Just no heavy activity like parasailing, or alchohol. Have a great time, and don't get too hot! Drink lotsa water and virgin foofoo drinks :) Miranda
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