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  1. VoyageVirgin

    Cagney's Steakhouse- What are your honest opinions?

    Have really liked Cagneys other than on the Jade - but then instead of the filet I ordered the TBone (my personal fav) - turned out to not be such a great choice - just goes to show you that all steak is not created equal. Best steak had on the Jade was at the Teppenyaki - rib eye - mouth watering and cooked to perfection.
  2. VoyageVirgin

    Do you agree with NCL's Daily Service Charge?

    Good poll Gram - However, I cannot decide how to vote. My proverbial 2 cents would be that although most crew deserve the DSC/tip I do not feel that families should be charged as high a rate as the adults. You do not pay the higher rate of travel for third, fourth etc passengers in the same cabin - so in my opinion the rate should be lower to make it more affordable for families to cruise. If NCL wants/needs to charge more they should then raise the price of the additional passengers and have it reflected in the cruise fare - period.:D JMHO And no, I don't have a younger family that travels with us.
  3. VoyageVirgin

    Cabins 9172 & 9672 on Jewel Class ships

    The concierge and butler are listed on the NCL site - but I did honestly think that the Jade AE did not include those perks - But here it is in black and white Penthouse Living area, private balcony, dining area, bedroom with queen-size bed and luxury bath and shower. (Staterooms for persons with disabilities have a shower only.) Butler service and concierge available.
  4. VoyageVirgin

    Granada Malaga

    We had gone on the tour of the Cathedral - and then into town - If I recall correctly the city had buses available at the end of the dock area - we were bused from the ship to the terminal and vice versa - but once at the terminal you had to get on another bus for your destination. The cathedral is fantastic - some of Gaudi's work is there as well as tons of history etc. I see no reason why you couldn't head there on your own - other than it's usually much more informative with a guide. The town was really lovely - but you really have to keep a sharp eye out for the gypsies. Tons of them there. Another suggestion would be to check the Ports of Call board under Europe - you may find something to your liking there as well. Enjoy
  5. VoyageVirgin

    Spirit, Cabin BE-9008

    I checked out the deck plans and see no reason why no one else is interested in the cabin at the moment. You have rooms above and below - so no noise factor - Your guess is as good as mine. :)
  6. VoyageVirgin

    Will NCL price match?

    You could try - but I would highly doubt it. They usually have not in the past. The discount and OBC are obviously only available through the internet travel agency. That said, it never hurts to ask.
  7. VoyageVirgin

    Fuel Surcharges suspended after 1/1/09

    Nice of you to come and post this information - there was approx 4 other threads about the same thing last week - which are probably buried on page 2-4 by now. :)
  8. VoyageVirgin

    Does Jade have an infant pool?

    Yes there is one - port side pool deck 12 - closed in area (glass) with a splash pool etc. Just off from the pool bar area Or at least it was there when we sailed last Feb/March
  9. I have seen them change to add or delete prior to sailing. Once onboard - go to the excursion desk and get a copy of what they are offering. We did notice some additions during our cruise as well.
  10. VoyageVirgin

    on the gem 12/6/08 not good so far

    [quote name='Zzannahk']Is there really only one butler for everyone? On the Dawn there were 2.[/quote] No, there's a few more butlers on any Jewel Class NCL ship - up to 6 that I can think of - and probably more.
  11. VoyageVirgin

    on the gem 12/6/08 not good so far

    Perhaps it was a timing issue? - if not, speak with your concierge about it, if it's still a problem then speak with the Hotel Director about changing your butler if you're not happy with his services. It's been done before.
  12. VoyageVirgin

    Bringing Champagne On Board...Legally.

    Coka, that's starting to sound like a Dr. Suess book. Was it at cabin key? or Security? At the photo stop? Or with the check in cop? LOL - They will charge your onboard account when you claim the wine/champagne at the security check in (where they xray your carry on)
  13. VoyageVirgin

    How can they keep this info from me????

    Sorry, thought of this as well. With being in Belize you will be tendered to shore - another possible delay in getting to a private tour operator. Also, I cannot swim a decent stroke (doggy paddle maybe, on a good day) ;) and had no problems what so ever. Hubby had his feet tucked into my tube and we stayed that way the whole way through the cave. It really is one of those things I'm very glad to have been lucky enough to do.
  14. VoyageVirgin

    How can they keep this info from me????

    Jaguar Paw was who NCL used 2 years ago - and believe me, with the distance you have to travel you would be smart to book the NCL excursion - only because of timing. Now, if all you want to do is cave tubing OR ziplines - that's another story. The caves were fine when we went through (early to mid Feb) but there was one heck of alot of rain last year so I can understand the water being at record levels. They do give you a life preserver - but that won't stop you getting smacked against the rocks. Guides are provided though and they do tend to keep an eye on everyone.
  15. VoyageVirgin

    Fuel Surcharged Waived for Dec 08 Sailing

    [quote name='okbowler1']But when the prices went up weren't their tanks full of cheaper fuel that was not passed on at the old price. Somewhere I saw this type of pricing called Rocket and Feather. When they go up its like a rocket, when they come down its like a feather. Bill:D[/quote] Had you paid attention when the fuel prices went up - NCL did not charge people who were already booked and certainly gave their passengers a grace period prior to charging - which I beleive was Dec 4th or 5th of 2007 - no matter when they were sailing - They certainly paid the difference then and cruisers were so happy not to have it initiated into their fares - Now that the tables are turned people are still bit**ing, which of course just goes to show that once again you cannot please everyone. By the by - the cut off date was Dec 18th for booking with the fuel charge - so I actually agree that anyone sailing past that date should have their fuel surcharges reimbursed - but not pior to that as NCL will have to pay the higher fuel price.