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  1. Hooray..another of your trip reports.... Really want to do this itinerary next year... Will be on Sillourette in May, so this is perfect timing for us πŸ˜ƒ
  2. Jim... What car service did you use in Barcelona.. Not sure if that was discussed in a previous post.. Thanks.. Getting on the infinity next week...
  3. Does a luggage Valet service exist at Barcelona Port to airport..I read something on the Barcelona airport website but wasn't sure it really existed.. Will be sailing Celebrity there end of May.. Thanks
  4. Stayed in 2125... No noise at all... It's under a corrected area..
  5. Following along..was on Reflection in Nov.. Great ship...
  6. I see celebrity suites seem to have connecting cabin doors... Anyone have noise issues...Also the only celebrity suite available on my next cruise is 9098... The resort deck is above... Any feedback on that Cabin would be appreciated
  7. Hey Paul..we too had a corner sky suite on Reflection last week and had Walter as our Butler...he went out of his way to suggest and bring us appetizers when were out on excursions all day..in addition he put together an in suite dinner for us....traditional fair but not off the room service menu...definitely was spoiled by his service... He told us he was flying back to India to visit family last friday but hoped to come back to the Reflection
  8. Just used it.. Got off Reflection yesterday.. Checked 4 bags and flew connecting flights across country on United.... All arrived safe and sound..I do take pictures of tags and bags before putting outside room the night before...
  9. I know this has been discussed before but my search skills and new format are not making it easy... Have a Samsung tablet with a bunch of movies and would like to play on the stateroom Tv.. Can someone point me in the right direction
  10. Looking forward to your next adventure. Loved the b2b2b report... This will be a test of celebrity WiFi because wife and I will be boarding Reflection on Nov 5 for 11 night carribean... Hope I can follow along... Hoping to do the ta next year.. Same itinerary as this year...
  11. Font size and background color make it very difficult to read on my phone....will Tapatalk work..can't seem to login
  12. Received move up email for an early Nov Cruise.. We're in sky suite but threw a couple of bids in for giggles... Our cruise shows no suite availability.. We'll see if there's any response.. Sent from my SM-G965U using Forums mobile app
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