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  1. Where and when do you apply to be a volunteer?
  2. Another issue for Mobile is its limited size airport. In many cases people have to fly into Pensacola Airport or New Orleans.
  3. The fastest way back to cruising will involve COVID Quick Result tests. A test that can have a valid trustworthy result within 30 minutes or less. All passengers and employees will be tested every time they board the ship. At embarkation and returning from port testing would occur. There are numerous companies working on these trustworthy tests including 3M/MIT and Sorrento Pharm (google their work). Hopefully as these test are developed and commercialized we all can return back to the sea!
  4. I agree Mobile is lucky to even get a ship. New Orleans and the 5 FL ports have major airports which support the cruise industry. If the Carnival Sensation shows weak bookings it won’t be long before Carnival leaves Mobile again.
  5. Fantasy is the oldest, built it in 1990, but the Inspiration was built in 1996. The ships older than Inspiration are Ecstasy built in 1991, Sensation 1993, Fascination 1994 and the Imagination 1995. Only three of the eight Fantasy class ship have not been upgrade with balconies (Fantasy, Imagination and Inspiration).
  6. Three of the eight Fantasy class ships have not been upgraded with balconies. Those ships include Fantasy, Imagination and Inspiration. So two of these ships are on there way to be scraped. I wonder if the Imagination will be heading that direction as well?
  7. The Carnival Breeze is anchored near Dover, England
  8. just to clarify, the Carnival Breeze, which is one of the 8, is now off United Kingdom. The ship brought European employees back home. I’m sure when it returns it will join the other ships
  9. So how did your Cruise go? I guess your cruise was canceled. We all now know what is keeping Cruise Executives up at night. I hope you will rebook soon and get your 11th Cruise.
  10. We booked a wrap around balcony for the Breeze for later this year. The price for the cabin was $700 cheaper than normal. Could not believe it was even available. For us this was a new booking not using FCC. It is also my 25th Carnival milestone cruise.
  11. I know what you have through. About four years ago we were on the Brilliance of the Seas in 40 to 50 seas. It was an amazing ride.
  12. DW and I noticed the cabins from the Lido deck. They face towards aft. If I remember the cabins are numbered P1 and P2. With the large windows facing the pool I would think the noise would be an issue.
  13. You want to know what keeps Cruise Executives up at night? A virus like this one. People will not want to cruise knowing that a ship is now being quarantined. The entire leisure industry is very concerned about this. I would not be surprised that future bookings for Spring Break vacations becoming soft.
  14. That is still too cheap, $4 per drink on 15 drinks. It should be $5 to $6 per drink, or $75 to $90 per day. As a long term shareholder, I believe this program has hindered revenue growth. Just like FTTH should be increased by 20%.
  15. Since the cruise is 2+ months away, and considering that is a slow time of year, the cost may be a bit high. IFirst check the current availability of balconies and the rates for 4 passengers in one cabin on your cruise. If there are numerous balconies available, then counter back with an unobstructed cabin at the same upgrade price, or counter with a lower price that you consider to more reasonable.
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