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  1. I have had an unpleasant experience of being trap in an elevator. There was only 3 of us in elevator. The phone did not work. After about 5 minutes of yelling for help, we got a response from a maintenance guy who was very clear; do NOT pry to doors open. So we did not. About thirty minutes later we were safely released from our entrapment. I ask the elevator guy why we should not have pried the door open and crawl out. He said that the movement and prying the door open could make the car shift. He said think what would happen if the car shifted after someone was half way out. I think these people reacted poorly!
  2. Do not ask your fellow travelers do you have their I'd, passport, boarding pass. Ask them to take it out so you can see visually inspect it before you the house. Everybody should visibly inspect each other's documents, if you don't do it, you could be waving good bye to your cruise as it heads out to sea without you.
  3. There is a lot to do from the point of check in to the Muster drill. BE PATIENT!!!!
  4. I agree with your statement, however, we just can't assume a towel was possibly involved. There could have other articles of clothing and possibility some form of paper, I.e. books, newspaper or FunTimes. There are many forms of fabrics that are highly combustible, so a fire caused by a cigarette is still highly possible. The article I read stated it was a cigarette and towel, but it could of been something more combustible.
  5. Three of the last four balconies we have had smokers next to us that like to use the balcony as their personal smoking area. DW will not use the balcony if a smokers is next to us and we get the downwind cigarette smoke. So, the use of the balcony is hindered by a next door neighbor smoking. When this happen our balcony cabin becomes an overpriced ocean view cabin. we have complained every time. The previous comment that complaining could create an uncomfortable time. Not really! The last time we had the room steward come into our room when the neighbor was smoking. They were served a letter by guest service. GS called me later and told me that they spoke to them and that the next time a fine was going to on their bill. So, after this event was resolved, every time we went out on the balcony, they would rush back inside their cabin because they knew we won't going to tolerate their rule breaking. Take a stand. Don't let someone devalue your balcony!
  6. The Sunshine had a cabin fire in August 2016. They company determined that a cigarette was thrown from an upper floor and landed on a towel on the balcony of Deck 6. The fire activated the fire door and fire surpression system. The damage was minor but it started with a cigarette landing on a towel. About three years ago we were on a balcony aft deck 5. While sitting there a cigarette butt land right next to me. So, if I left a towel in that area when I was not on the balcony, a fire could have occurred. I should note we do not leave an unattended towel on our balcony..
  7. The announcement on the 12th will be that there will an announcement on the 13th. The big announcement on the 13th will be an announcement that will be more announcements in 2019!
  8. The ship is now north of Grand Turk. Traveling @ 21 knots. Speed suggests that the issue has been resolved!
  9. I agree the type needs to be bolder
  10. I agree. When I retire, they will still be working. The common thread that tied us together is broken, there is no need to keep in touch. They are my part of my past and there they will stay. "I'm too busy moving forward to look back!"
  11. Over the years the Diamond Platinum party Hors d'oeuvres have gotten better. It appears there are less D&P's on shorter 5 & 6 day cruises, then the 7 & 8 day cruises. Since we all have Priorty status at embarkation you may first meet some folks while waiting to board the cruise and not see them again until the D & P Party. Congratulations on reaching the Platinum status. The only way to get your Platinum Card is by earning it.
  12. We sailed the Sunshine in May. And yes they had them. And yes they are delicious!!!
  13. During the winter months there are more ships in the Caribbean due to so many ships from Alaska and the Mediterranean going out of Florida and other southern ports to avoid the colder weather. So you would see more ships during the winter.
  14. Supposedly he had beaten her to death (or close to it) in the cabin, before throwing her overboard. Not realizing the deck was below. I'm surprised that the investigation took so long.
  15. We did it a few years back. I had a great time so did our two teenagers. (note: they stay near us most of the time, we are a very close family). But DW thought it was too crowded and over priced. I agree with her on both points, but it was fun. She was glad we did it, but she does not want to do a NYE cruise again. With that being said, she is now retired and I think I could talk her into again if I wanted to spend the extra money. But now we try to sail in early December.
  16. What we did was when got on board we went to guess services and had an extra keys made to unlock your door the two cabin doors. So, those passengers that switched would have two keys one key to unlock their cabin door and the other (there personal key) would be their sign and sail key. It worked well.
  17. We did the aft balcony on the Elation in March and Love it! You and the OP have to remember that the balconies on the upgraded Fantasy ships are brand new including the interiors of those cabins. When they added the balcony they essentially gut the space. So when you are inside your cabin it feels like your on a new ship.
  18. This is on our must to pack list. DW hates getting wet. For me, I have a 100% dry guarantee. That means every time I am wet, I seem to get dry. So I don't worry about the rain!
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