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  1. The Mandalay is NOTHING like a big ship. It’s very old and not updated very much. It’s not first class. You get your bed made and maybe the sand off the floor. The “crew” doesn’t cater to your every need, like big ships. You will kind of feel like part of the crew. Some of the islands they visit have no shops or restaurants & the islands that do, have very few choices. I carried my wine around in one of their cups, as to not draw attention to it...no one really cared...they are too busy working the boat. It is a very laid back trip.
  2. Hello, we went on the Mandalay in December. When we stopped on certain islands that sold wine, we bought a bottle and put it in our beach bag and took it back to our room. There are no "searches" when you come back aboard. One glass would never cut it for us. We did purchase our liquor and beer from the bar.
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