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  1. You might find some helpful information in this thread: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2565972-princess-cruises-and-shower-water-rationing/
  2. You mean in 2014, when Regal Princess entered service?
  3. The ocean view cabins on Plaza -- that are far forward ... are narrower than usual. Two normal nightstands don't fit, so the room is fitted with a single double-wide nightstand. This is fine when set up for twin beds. As you can see -- for queen, you either have to push one side of the bed against the wall, or turn the nightstand 90-degrees. This allows an aisle on each side of the bed, but blocks access the nightstand drawer. This is only the cabins that are far forward. The 3xx should be normal width. On other thing to keep in mind -- on plaza, the upper berths are mounted on the wall. It's very intrusive. If you don't need upper berths it is much better to select a cabin without them.
  4. No one at Princess, Carnival, etc has ever mentioned this use of a medallion. In my opinion, this is a fabrication by the poster, which is repeated here relentlessly.
  5. Did you suggest that they change their name?
  6. I have watched many episodes of the people's court, so I am qualified to respond to this. On princess 'Wi-Fi' is a connection to the intrAnet, not a connection to the internet. Everyone can have free wifi. No where in what you quoted did princess offer anything of value.
  7. Someone might not even know there is a switch, or realize the light it on. And you are going to become angry? Princess provided the light. The occupant of the cabin is free to turn it on or off as they wish.
  8. Politeness and courtesy would be not intruding on another. Particularly when there is a simple alternative (ask the steward).
  9. Always a helpful reply... I missed you while you were gone.
  10. Could Princess have hired divers to do the cleaning, prior to entering warm water?
  11. I have been annoyed by this, and have asked the steward to turn the light off. I would never knock on the door, and intrude on another. If this were done to me, I would probably respond appropriately, and make sure the light was on for the rest of the cruise.
  12. It should shock your chair if you're in the wrong place. This would placate the folks who insist anytime is ruined by traditional crashers...
  13. I've been on a flight, that two hours after departure returned to the airport we left from, as that was the only place that had a part to fix some problem that cropped up during flight. I think this is quite different from a seasonal change killing mollusks, which sounds like it is common, and predictable.
  14. If mrs. floridalover is asleep in the cabin, she might not put great value on the medallion turning on the lights for you as you enter.
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