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  1. I like free stuff. When it is intended to be free. But, my mom taught me not to steal.
  2. Honesty? Personal integrity? One could send this onboard, and ask for carbonated water at a bar... https://www.amazon.com/Diet-Coke-Soda-Syrup-Gallon/dp/B00HEXSJDG
  3. There are lots of people entering port everglades. For instance, what about picking up your friends returning from a cruise? I have entered port everglades many, many times. Show government issued I.D. No problem. Once, I got a visitor badge that I was supposed to wear. About 2-dozen times I got a hang tag for the car that showed I was there for only the day. Now, just show I.D. It probably depends on MARSEC level. A couple years ago they moved terminal one and two outside the security checkpoint on eisenhowser blvd. (or, they moved the security checkpoint further south) This fun thread has a poster arguing and arguing that this isn't true, even disagreeing with CKJSKIDS and finally realizing that there is more than one entrance to port everglades: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2489856-passport-card
  4. I wish princess would follow this. I don't mind paying my share; but I resent paying when others skate...
  5. But, if I don't believe them all, I can't believe yours. What to do, what to do...
  6. Thank you for checking, and reporting here. First hand reports are far more valuable than crazy posts by 'some guy on the interenet'. (who I only rely on for stock advice)
  7. I'll keep that in mind for my upcoming cruise on the Fantasy Princess...
  8. I the the awesome Global Innovators need to hire some even more awesome Global Testers.
  9. What kind of a company would not have a disaster recovery site, ready to swap in, in such a situation?
  10. Not the question. How can you know that the crew in the tipping pool gets the same amount when gratuities are included, vs. when a passenger pays the hotel charge? Which I think was the question of the original poster. So, that's my question ... how can you know the correct answer? I'd be surprised if some princess executive (one who does know the answer) would post it here. Princess has a thousand ways to nickle-and-dime crew, so personally, I wouldn't assume...
  11. How are you in a position to know this? Thanks.
  12. Agree completely. The trendy term for what you describe is "monetizing customer behaviour". https://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/os-carnival-te2-orlando-20170109-story.html
  13. About a year ago, you claimed that security would stop someone without a medallion. A gentle poster here directly question John Padgett while on board, and reported that there is no requirement to carry a medallion. Odd that you keep posting the same nonsense... And, of course, my medallion might 'disappear' when I put it in an rfid shielding wallet. I would expect zero consequences from doing so.
  14. My experience -- on the first afternoon if you go to meet with the maitre d' ... There will be a hostess to either give you a number, or seat you in order... Often they know the details of your assigned dining. You can verify if they have given you what you want, and potentially skip the wait.
  15. Please let us know when the USPH updates their regulations to not require food handlers to wear gloves...
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