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  1. Well, I can only say that the kettle in my stateroom hadn't a funny taste at all. Nor did the tea made with the water from the kettle. I hope Wenlyn had the same experience too.
  2. Wenlyn, I just use a couple spoons of white vinegar in a kettle of water and the throw out the water, boil a second kettle and dump it too. The next should taste fine. But, is it for home or on board? We will have them in our cabins. See you at the Commodore on Monday morning. AG
  3. Thanks SFred, One more entry on the to do/get list. Good to be prepared.
  4. All I can see in the foto are US and UK sockets. Are there any sockets useful to continental Europeans? That would be two-pin round sockets? Or, do we need to get a converter in order to charge and use our laptops, phones, cameras, and toothbrushes? Thanks! Maybe Hattie knows the answer to this.
  5. Thanks to all who replied. It's good to know that two weeks prior to departure the arrival port should be confirmed on the Voyage Personaliser. I will check again next Monday.
  6. Voila, http://crew-center.com/new-york-city-new-york-cruise-port-schedule-2019 Plus, the Voyage Personaliser has no port listed for arrival.
  7. Hattiesburg, According to some websites it will be Manhattan, and on others it will be Brooklyn, and on the Voyage Personaliser, it's yet to be determined. Exciting, but, a bit difficult for making transportation arrangements. But, thanks for replying. And yes, we do travel on the QM2.
  8. We leave in three weeks. Our arrival port is still unknown. Is this normal? At what point will it be determined?
  9. Nothing changed for my upcoming cruise. ...I look a bit enviously at the cruises listed both above and below the TA I'll be making... Two speakers! Seems a bit miserly to me. Perhaps there will be a surprise added speaker? One can always hope. (I guess it's better than only one speaker.)
  10. Thanks Stella, Now I can breathe a sigh of relief, DH will NOT have to walk the plank! 😉 AG
  11. Dear Big Mac, Does this mean that DH is not allowed to wear a red bow tie and cummerbund with his smoking on the evening that I wear a red gown? AG
  12. Thanks BigMike, Ordering online is a great tip for all the Penhaligon fans in The States. I'll check at Saks when I go shopping in New York. If not, then next time I'm in London I'll visit their wonderful main store. (I don't live in the US.) I was just hoping to treat myself on-board. AG
  13. Underwater, thanks for this tip. We're doing a TA in April. If we visit Rockefeller Center while we're in New York, I'll definitely stop in their shop.
  14. I'm a fan of Penhaligon perfumes. I know their toiletries are provided in-cabin on the QM2. Does this also mean that a selection of their scents are available to purchase in the shopping area of the ship?
  15. You obviously don't live in Amsterdam. There is a big problem with too many tourists in the center of Amsterdam, especially in the summer months and when cruise ships dock. The extra tourist tax is to cover the costs of keeping the city clean, making sure that public transport runs smoothly and is able to meet the increased demands caused by so many tourists. Hotel guests will also pay the extra tax.
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