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  1. 1. I used to be able to click on the number of replies to a roll call and a window would pop up with a list of each person that wrote on the roll call and the number of posts they had. The number of posts contained a link to the posts from that person. It was very helpful for many different purposes. 2. I only go to the Princess Roll Calls. On the main Princess Roll Call page there used to be a line under each ship's name stating the last entry for any roll call under that ship. It also showed the time of that entry. You could click on it and it would take you to that entry. I found it helpful for two reasons, the first is that I could just look at the last entry and see if it had changed from the last time I looked. If it did I would then click on the ship to see if anything changed with my roll call. The second reason is that if the last entry was from my roll call I could just click on it and go directly to where I wanted to go without the extra click on the ship name. Now I have to go to each ship I have a cruise planned and click on it. I have alleviated the problem a little bit by following three of my less active roll calls but the other roll calls for my other cruises are a bit more active. I do not want to clutter my inbox with all those emails so I do not subscribe to them and as a result I must go to the ship page all the time just to see if there are any new posts. It can be an extra step. Thank you in advance for looking into this for me. I hope there two functions can be reinstated soon.
  2. I didn’t really pay too much attention to the time but it was well over an hour.
  3. I am on the ship right now and we were confined to our cabins. We were not allowed to leave until everyone was accounted for. We never lost internet but we did lose TV. It is still out.
  4. CTGirl

    Sun drenched deals

    I booked a Christmas/New Year's cruise on the Pacific using the Sun Drenched Deals. I out the cruise on hold by talking to a person at Princess and when I asked about the OBC the woman said I should get it. When I looked at my personalizer it was not there. When I called to make the deposit I asked again about it. The woman I spoke to that time said that the OBC was only for selected cruises and my cruise was not one of them. I don't know who is right and who is wrong but I am not going to fight over it as we have enough OBC on that cruise to cover what we need it for. So after all that - it could be that your cruise is not one of the select cruises getting the OBC. Good luck, I hope you do get it.
  5. CTGirl

    Milestone cruises

  6. CTGirl

    Milestone cruises

    Gloria, was that for 500 or 750. I am hoping that we get invited to the bridge. It is our 500.
  7. CTGirl

    Milestone cruises

    Thanks Paul. I don't mind missing Sabatini's. We got put in a suite once and we went there for breakfast. They didn't have what I wanted so they went upstairs to get it. It took a very long time so we just went upstairs after that. Much easier. I would love to be invited to the bridge. We are travelling with a group of friends and I am hoping we can all go up.
  8. CTGirl

    Milestone cruises

    I will be sending out my usual emails so watch for them. You might be surprised and get there quicker than you imagined.
  9. CTGirl

    Milestone cruises

    We reach our 500 days on our next cruise on September 8th. We are on the Regal and we will have the same cc hostess that we had on the Regal this past March. She knew in March that our upcoming cruise would be a milestone and she told us to come see her once we got on the ship. So I am expecting it on this cruise when we make our 500th day. I have a question - what do you get for the 500 day milestone? I think the people who posted about their perks were all for their 750 days. It will take us a little while to get to that but we will have fun trying.
  10. We always book Emerald deck starboard side minis on the grand class ships. They are very quiet, just one word of caution - don't book the very first one (E721 I think). We were in the very first one for a Hawaiian cruise on the Ruby and we had to call the Passenger Services Desk several times because people congregated below. They were very loud. Now of course it was over Christmas and New Years so that may have made a difference. Still I will stay away from the first mini if I can. My preferred one is the second to last (E729 I think). Very, very quiet and no smell. Some people like the last one with the big balcony but for some reason I don't like the balcony unless I am doing a Southbound Alaska cruise late in the season. I like to go outside at night and look for the Aurora and with that balcony you can see towards the north.
  11. CTGirl

    Unlimited Internet Packages

    I am on the same cruise as you. Go on the booking summary page of your personalizer and scroll down to "Plan Your Voyage". You will see an option for internet packages. Click on that. Scroll down on that page until you see this:
  12. You may also find that your traditional dining is not in the aft dining room on deck 6. It may be in the deck 6 mid-ship dining room. This dining room is also used for traditional dining for the first seating. After that it opens up to anytime dining. If that is the case you just need to get to deck 6 mid-ship by either the stairs, or forward and mid-ship elevators.
  13. CTGirl

    Pre cruise hotel through Princess

    Question to those who have booked a pre-cruise hotel with Princess - Does the hotel show up on your cruise personalizer? We are doing a cruise-tour with Princess starting in Budapest. We are flying in a day early. We have booked the hotel Princess has us in for the night before and the hotel graciously will keep us in the same room for the whole stay. Princess is not sure whether or not they can book us for the day before. I know they will notify us if they can. I'm just wondering if it will show up in the personalizer. Thanks.
  14. CTGirl

    Ocean Medallion

    The check in process was not long at all. There are special counters for the medallion guests. They are to the far right as you enter the large hall. The staff will direct you. I wanted the medallion just to see what is was. I knew before had that there might be some hiccups but I did not let anything bother me. On the whole I liked the experience even if it was just to open the door. I don't know if you have a keyless entry system on your car but the medallion worked on the cabin door very similarly. I really liked walking up to the door and have it unlock. I would not worry too much about experiencing problems. You will have a backup cruise card which should take care of any problems. Just go and enjoy your cruise. You will have lots of time to kick back and relax on the crossing. Have fun!