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  1. Thank you for our preview. We're on her for the Holidays, leaving 12/21 from San Diego--I'm so READY for this voyage!
  2. We were first-timers on Crystal Symphony at the end of July. We were totally spoiled for anything else, especially since we just sailed on the Grand Princess in October again. As much as we appreciate the convenience of our home port of SF, Crystal's smaller size and top-notch service really did us in for anything else. Sooooo, needless to say, I'm cancelling our SF to Hawaii trip on the Grand for next April, and sailing there on the Symphony Christmas 2019. Now I have to wait until then AND schlepp to San Diego, but what an inconvenience. . . (sigh) Just adding a picture of our "backyard," aft deck, penthouse deck.
  3. Keith, thank you so much for the heads up. I immediately contacted our TA and have a hold on our favorite section/area (you know, the one with the "back yard") for the Middle East segment. Tho I do not relish flying to Dubai, nor flying home from Rome, Mr. B. will get the Sphynx and the Pyramids off his bucket list.
  4. Required vaccines--especially the flu vaccine--are as important as frequent handwashing. If you are 65 or older, get the high-dose flu vaccine and make sure that your up to date with your Pneumovax as well. OH, and while you're at it, make sure that you are up to date for your TDap too! (Tetanus, Diptheria, and Pertussis). You never know when you might be around kids or step on a rusty nail. . .
  5. We were just on the Symphony--it's been a week and a day since we've been home! We did not have a single bad meal in any of the restaurants, particularly the special, SPECIAL ones. My husband enjoyed Umi Uma's lobster while I had the Waygu beef, but the portions are small enough to taste multiple items and share. Prego was the same, portions a bit bigger and quite a bit richer--it's Venetian-style afterall, so cream, butter, and beef! My husband did not have the lamb--which totally surprised me--but had lasagna and the sea food pasta. Whatever you choose, you'll love it. We actually had dinner three times in the Churrascaria, we like it so much. And the Waterside's Waygu beef crudo--oh dear lord! what a dish! Have a fabulous time. We did!
  6. There's also the famous Fog City diner across the street on Embarcadero. Always a great place to chill until you can board.
  7. Oh so very sad that these 10 days flew by in a blink. We did very little but soak in the relaxation and being exquisitely cared for. The only "entertainment" we attended was the Magic show--Matias Letelier was simply fabulous! Extraordinarily entertaining, and super fun. Kept running into him and his wife about the ship. Every time I wanted to see something, TLB preferred to sit on our "back porch" instead. Yes, the penthouse aft deck is now ours--as is cabin 1064. . . can't complain when bar service cruised through about once per hour. . . TLB played golf on his own in SF and Monterey, with the group in Cabo, and again with a fellow passenger in San Diego. He was appropriately well engaged on the courses and came back very happy indeed. Food. . . omg. Words can't describe it. We usually had breakfast either in the Marketplace or in Silk with visits to the Bistro for coffees in between. We usually didn't have lunch, but had our fruit, chocolates, and snacks from our cabin. We did Umi Uma the first night; Waterside, then the Churrascaria. We literally fell in love with that. The staff were fabulous! and we went 3 times. Silk for lunch, then dinner once each. Really enjoyed the food and service there as well. Prego--of course, was stunning. TLB would pay money to do that again. I had my two new favorite dishes in Waterside, but with so many options, it was so hard to decide!! Thank you all for your travelogues and helpful hints. I, unfortunately, stayed out in the sun too long (only 20 minutes!) and ended up with sun poisoning, so ended up hiding on the ship and in the shade after being pretty sick for 24 hours. Ah well, no CC meet and great for me, so I had to miss it. Lovely ship, fabulous crew, excellent service. Booked for Hawaii, R/T San Diego, December 2019.
  8. D736 or D737 are our favorites. Fully aft with the largest decks, and only one shared wall. If someone booked them before us, we don't go!
  9. Thank you so much for the information. I don't think the Mister can has enough time to get a round of golf in so I was thinking we'd rent a car and drive up to Mount St. Helens and back. Just enough time to get there, stop a bit, and get back. I figure 0830-3 pm should work. I estimated a round trip total 4 hours give or take, so an hour at the visitor's center would be all we'd manage. I just hate standing in line to get back on board. . .
  10. I promise to bring you snacks. And I might even share my blanket. ;p:D
  11. "3. Swear to never, ever leave this ship upon returning to San Francisco, even if they try to remove me kicking and screaming..." ONLY if you aren't in the cabin that we will be living upon your return to SF. In that case, I'm bringing a large chain and padlock to attach myself to the veranda railing. You may share it with me if you like.
  12. Any experience with Enterprise Car Rental in Astoria? It looks like it's the only game in town??
  13. For SF, I would say spot on for the trip to Alcatraz BUT it might be very cold, windy, and foggy if you take the first trip out. Remember, it is crucial to book ahead. It is impossible to just walk on. There is so much to see in SF, and to get around easily I'd suggest Uber or Lyft. Taxi's are great if you are at a hotel. Uber or Lyft is much more easily scheduled and far more convenient. It's not like Chicago or NYC where you can flag a taxi down easily. Muir Woods is also an extremely popular spot and another that requires reservations for parking/transit: https://www.nps.gov/muwo/index.htm If you've never been, and you don't want to do a hop-on-hop-off bus, I recommend a drive through the Presidio, Fort Point, Crissy Field, and, if you have time, go across the bridge to Sausalito and the old Presidio Yacht Club at Fort Baker. I myself am looking for options in Astoria. I'm thinking of renting a car for the day and driving up to Mount St Helens. . .
  14. Looking forward to boarding her when you all return!
  15. Just a quick update. I was shuffled around to a couple of different departments, then got a response that gave me links to 2 excursions that drove past golf courses! When I "recommunicated", shuffle again, then a response of, "you can make arrangements through us, but it will cost you $100 each outing." That's in addition to transportation and green fees. Mmmm. Guess, we'll be making arrangements ourselves.
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