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  1. i have this tamron on my ti6 it works very well, and you can add a polarizing filter. it shoots well stabilization, very good lens. i bought mine on sale traded in a kit lens the total was only $170.00 you may find a deal like i did at my local camera store. below are shots with this set up.i picked a variety, the jets was a super bright day, as well as the dolphin.
  2. here are sharper views of the mighty F22. i just loved the afterburner shot as it flew away!
  3. funny i realized after i typed so here is the 22 lol
  4. Is it worhth the little extra for a car cover or better to buy a car cover?
  5. ok with a B2B cruise, and parking so close to the terminal would i have to go through immigration and customs to take items to the car that we wont need on trip 2? like if we buy alcohol on trip 1 knowing we will bu some on trip 2.
  6. we went two hours earlier than what canival said for us to go. was no problem ! got on board earlier and had extratime to wander around
  7. i would definitely start with dslr. I have a canon rebel ti2, and a ti5 i bought from a friend, then a tamron lens . i was bitten by a photography bug . once you start taking more and adding lenses youll be happy with that decision ! below area couple that i took last summer. these photos are "dumbed" down
  8. F22 Lightning notice the afterburner in action, i love this photo
  9. we are sailing from Galveston, but i planned on leaving the ship to run bouhtitems to the car and reboarding. like any alcohol we may buy
  10. Well were booking our first B2B for Feb 2020. What id like to know is will we be able to leave luggage in our cabin while we go through customs then back on the ship? And yup we booked the same cabin. Thank you all
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