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  1. Thanks for the review of room 17720. We have that room on our next cruise, and I had not been able to find much information about it. For some reason, I was concerned that there was a staff service door at the end of the hallway, which would be noisy. So glad to know you liked that room and thought it was a convenient location and quiet!
  2. Really enjoyed your review! Thanks so much for taking the time to post!
  3. We were on the Escape in June on Deck 9 Aft. Far enough away that we were not aware of any music or parties from Spice H2O.
  4. Yes, the Escape Haven has a roof, which will be ideal if the weather is rainy or cold. I agree it is hard to decide if the Haven is worth it on a port intensive cruise, but if you have 40% off, then I think it would definitely be worth it. Since we will be more tired from touring all day, then being able to have a much quieter dinner in the Haven restaurant is worth a lot right there! Plus room service breakfast on port days. Plus a space to hang out when the ship is crowded everywhere in the evenings (although the Haven can be crowded as well, I guess). And concierge assistanc
  5. You are right! Of course, we have to go! I will be prepared. Thanks.
  6. Thanks so much for the reply! And now I have one more, then I will stop bothering you.😊 How busy was the Hermitage? I know we should go, but hear the crowds are heavy. Was your guide able to whisk you around so you avoided crowds to some extent?
  7. Thank you! Appreciate your review since I am just about to book a Baltic cruise on the Escape. In St. Petersburg, what time did you start and end your tours? Also, it seems like you saw more on your second day? Is that right? Just trying to get a feel for tours there and how long they take.
  8. I am also looking forward to your review. Just about to put a deposit down with the Latitudes sale. I think we will, at least. Still undecided so looking for more information to motivate us!
  9. So enjoying your review! Excellent information!
  10. Do you mean on the TV or movies in the Atrium, etc.?
  11. Thanks for sharing! I am really enjoying your review!
  12. Wow! Thanks so much! We will be staying in this suite in June. We are so excited about the balcony but then I wondered if we would use it as much as we imagined.
  13. Did you use the balcony very much?
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