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  1. So enjoying your review! Excellent information!
  2. Do you mean on the TV or movies in the Atrium, etc.?
  3. Thanks for sharing! I am really enjoying your review!
  4. Wow! Thanks so much! We will be staying in this suite in June. We are so excited about the balcony but then I wondered if we would use it as much as we imagined.
  5. Did you use the balcony very much?
  6. Great! Thank you!
  7. I just thought you might know of a spot that is less crowded with a good view. I am trying to avoid the obvious thing with the rest of the masses. Your insight is that you only know the obvious thing. No problem--just say that next time.
  8. Thanks for your insights. I love comparisons between cruise lines and you highlight some interesting advantages and disadvantages of RCL and NCL.
  9. So happy to hear that! We can't wait! How was the view from your balcony in Bermuda?
  10. How much do you recommend tipping the minibus drivers?
  11. Yes, I think we are going to do the cabin crawl, just not certain yet. Having you come in with an aft balcony available was really convenient though!
  12. Jamie, I hope we are good neighbors because we are in cabin 9918 on the cruise!
  13. So where is your favorite spot? Unless, of course, you want to keep it secret!
  14. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this! So helpful!
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