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  1. I will do all of our normal things: 1. Explore the ship and see all the things. This never gets old even if we've been on the ship before. 2. Get the obligatory lunch. Got start eating. 3. Get into our room and hope for our suitcases. 4. Muster. 5. Stand on deck and watch the sail away and just marvel at being at sea again. 6. Thank God we survived the pandemic and get to do this again.
  2. Yeah, I didn't know about "Shore power" and the logistics of cruise timing and stuff. I, like so many, would just love to see a way for it to work somehow. I know it's a lot of wishful thinking. Tom
  3. I was wondering today if Royal might consider rerouting ships like Ovation that were doing Alaska during the Summer and Fall and just do a California Coastal with a stop in Ensenada instead. I think it could still leave from Seattle and do a round trip in 7 days by just having a couple of sea days on the way back. I don't know all of the status of Mexico, but other cruise lines have itineraries going there during the Alaska season. I think this would work, technically, so long as it's a round trip. If they couldn't do it from Seattle, maybe they could from San Francisco. I still think S
  4. Absolutely yes. Would also be willing to have vaccine required once they are generally available.
  5. I know there have been tons of threads about people's willingness to get vaccinated or wear PPE, etc. I fully agree that vaccination is the key to opening up cruising again and would gladly be vaccinated as a prerequisite. Of course, it's easy for me to say, I plan to be vaccinated anyway. I also don't mind wearing a mask for some parts of the cruise (elevator, shows, trivia/bingo/etc.) It would obviously be difficult to wear one while eating. Perhaps combining some protocols with vaccinations would encourage the CDC to open up more ... and some other countries to maybe allow Americans in
  6. If the CDC order doesn't end until November 1st, why are they selling cruises for earlier than that? Are they hoping for a sooner timeframe?
  7. Haven't they said from the start that 10 Power Up Points = 1 sea day? Tom
  8. Yes, I always skip the ones that require this sort of thing. I'd much prefer spending two days at sea 🙂 Tom
  9. Pardon me if this has already been discussed. I didn't read, very carefully, through all 63 pages. I've gotten a few offers for PowerUp points if I post pictures or advertisements, publicly, on my Facebook or Instagram page. This means I have to post something that goes to the general public outside of my friends group. Does anyone else have a problem doing these kinds of public posts from your personal account? I've heard stories of people being hacked and their friend list compromised, etc. from being too public on this sites and posts. Just curious if I should be worried
  10. Might be true that it's about $$$, but it still simplifies their business. If gratuities are included, you can't remove them. If drinks are paid for, you pay whether you drink a lot or not. Their booking is easier since there will be fewer choices. They will also get loyalty customers to pay for drink plans when they may not otherwise. In our case, we almost never buy a drink package since we get enough at the parties, but this would make us pay some price regardless. Either way, automatic bundling will make them more $$$ so you are right. Tom
  11. I expect that when cruising starts up again there will be some, like us, who are so anxious to cruise that we won't focus as much on the price. Also, Celebrity is including more things like gratuities and drinks in the price so you really have to compare. You may be paying for something you don't want, but I think the goal is to move more towards all inclusive which simplifies it for Celebrity and helps easy the burden on their loyalty programs. So, yeah, prices will likely be high for some time to come.
  12. I agree. I think it would be fair for them to just allow people to change cruises if one gets canceled, or refund the money or offer 100% credit. It's costing them too much money for having to keep moving the cruises and it's not really their fault that we can't cruise yet. I'd like them to still be in business. If it were normal times, as you suggest, and they canceled for some other reason, and infrequently, that would be a different story. Tom
  13. This might be a good move for them overall. Lots of resorts already do this sort of thing. Yes there are some of us with loyalty perks, but I think the cruise lines are getting killed from to many Elites and Diamonds on cruises so this might be a way they could transition. I don't know anyone who cruises just to accumulate the loyalty points. I know people who use the perks, but if the prices are not jacked too much then there wouldn't be a big differnce.
  14. I think it makes sense for the cruise lines to be as cautious as possible. We're only talking about "vacation" after all. It's not like life or death that anyone of us goes on a cruise. I do worry about people that work in the industry and, especially, on the ships. They do depend on cruises for their livelihood. But, if the worst thing was I had to eat at the MDR for dinner that wouldn't be a no-go thing for me. I've never had problems finding food from multiple venues on any cruise I've been on. All that said, I can't wait to go again. Even though I wouldn't die from not g
  15. I'd guess if they felt it was safe and they could make a profit at it they would send cruises out as soon as they could. There likely is some fear of reputation if something goes wrong again and they want to be extremely careful. RCCL has always been very profit oriented (along with their care for the customers) so I'd guess they'll be back out as soon as they can figure out how to make it all work.
  16. It's a ton of fun. When we did it a couple of years ago it was only $6/person, but now the price is higher, but I'd still pay it. It only lasts an hour, but it's a super good time and a great puzzle game. Good special effects as well.
  17. Can't go wrong either way. Both ships are fantastic for their own reasons. I'd leave on either tomorrow if we could.
  18. I trust RCI to not allow cruising until it's safe, so if they let us, I'll go. I'm also willing to do all the things they ask like get tested, wear a mask when possible, distance as much as possible, and even take a vaccine if one is proved out and my doctor OK's it.
  19. That is something worth considering. I think between the tips for drinks, saving tables, and other things the wait staff do in the Diamond Clubs and other C&A venues the employees may lose out on significant revenue if the parties are spread out among the bars. My experience, is we tend to tip less when we have to walk up to the bar to order a drink than when we have the great service in the DCs. Over the course of a cruise, we've often gotten to know the waiters and many times have way over tipped because the experience has been so great and we great to like them personally as well.
  20. We never noticed the 3 drink (or unlimited on Celebrity) made much difference in the crowding of the lounges. In fact, a lot of people go to the Diamond Club, then use their 3 "free" drinks afterwards or while at dinner once they started letting us use them for wine at dinner. Tom
  21. I'm still hopelessly addicted and hope things can return to some normalcy as soon as possible. However, to be pragmatic we're hoping to be able to cruise early next Summer. Even with a virus, it will take some months to convince people to take it and work out the kinks. I wish I had magic genie wishes though. Tom
  22. Not trying to be negative. Just discussing truthfully. I don't expect they will increase the benefits. They are already plagued with too many entitled C&A members. It's very expensive for them on a number of levels. If they were going to make a move, this would be a logical time to do it. FWIW, I doubt my comments make much difference to them. They will do what they will do. Tom
  23. Yeah, me neither. We love the benefits and the Diamond Club experience. In my perfect world we'd just take a vaccination and everything would go back to normal (like before). I wish. Tom
  24. Seems to me that this would be a logical time for the cruise lines to start re imagining their loyalty programs. They could easily use the crowding thing as an excuse to drop some benefits saying that it's temporary, but ... we know how that goes. It would affect whether or not we'd go cruising, but we'd miss the Diamond Club experience and meeting people there for drinks before dinner. I don't care if it's one or 3 or whatever. The experience was a lot of fun and we'll miss it. Still, it would be a really easy time for RCCL to make some changes to the program withou
  25. I think requiring a vaccine (if available) is fair. I can't imagine anyone wanting to board a cruise ship without that kind of protection anyway so it's probably moot. I'd guess if you didn't want to be vaccinated you probably wouldn't want to expose yourself to cruising either.
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