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  1. Like the OP I had a cruise scheduled for March 15 (the Joy out of LA), and I also cancelled on March 11 (I think it was the first day they were allowing penalty-free cancellation). Unlike the OP I realized I was in a game of chicken with NCL and that I was blinking first... I thought that cruises would be cancelled, but I wanted it resolved and was happy to accept the 100% FCC and never thought I deserved the same consideration as those who waited until the very last minute. I did try to wait out our airfare... we had two separate bookings for our family of four and the airline's policy changed between me cancelling the first booking and the second (literally within hours) and I lost $400 on the first booking, and nothing on the second. Again, I thought airlines would allow free cancellation, but I needed to resolve it. And now I'm sitting with three separate credits - one for a cruise, and two for airfares. I'm hoping that none of these companies go out of business - as it will be profoundly awful for the people who rely on them for their wages, and also because I'd really like to take a trip that has mostly already been paid for. But it is money that I've already spent, so it won't be the end of me financially either way. If they do file bankruptcy, whether you received 100% or 150% FCC will make no difference, as it will all be worth $0. I know that the decisions that NCL (and other companies) make may seem personal, but they're just trying to stay afloat by managing their cash flow. They're a big multinational corporation, so I would expect nothing less.
  2. I'm starting to look at possible cruises for 2021 (yes I know a lot could happen in the next twelve months), and one of the cruises I would consider is the Escape. I see it's scheduled for dry dock in October, but not seemingly for very long. During a short dry dock do they make huge changes (replace a ropes course with a go-kart track) or basically change out a few carpets but it's fundamentally the same?
  3. I'm hoping for a relaxing day at the beach, and this seems like it might be perfect for us (me and my husband and kids 11 and 13). Do you rent the loungers, or are you just obligated to buy food and beverages from the restaurant? Should I be particularly wary of eating the food and drinking non-bottled beverages?
  4. I thought I read in a review that the Joy has an escape room, but now I can't find the reference. Does anyone know if there is one?
  5. We're on the Joy in March 2020 and have booked a balcony for four. The main bed is a queen, I believe. For the kids, is one the sofa, and the other a bed that comes from the ceiling and/or wall to make a bunk bed? The sofa doesn't convert to a double, does it?
  6. We booked our March 2020 cruise with a travel agent and I can't seem to see the payment details on the NCL website. The reservation appears, but not the deposit paid, nor the amount (and date) of the balance. Am I looking in the wrong place or does it not appear if you're dealing with a travel agent?
  7. When you call and pay to upgrade, as you've suggested, do you pay the difference between what you paid originally and the price of the new room? Do you keep any perks or is it basically a cancellation and a new booking?
  8. We're booked on the Joy March 2020, and my kids will be 11 and 13. I think when we sailed on the Breakaway a few years ago that kids weren't allowed in the adult pool. I tried searching the NCL site and couldn't determine if my kids will be limited to a small pool.
  9. I have read countless reviews and I have never read one like this one. You have tremendous writing talent. Thank you for sharing your story.
  10. Hi, We just booked a cruise (NCL Joy, March 2020) and paid the initial deposit two days ago. I was looking at the same cruise to show a friend and noticed that the cabin price went down between booking and now. It's not significant ($34 per person for a total of $136) and I'd like to have our fare adjusted (all of the perks are available on the reduced fare). I've emailed the travel agent I booked through (first time working with her so I don't yet know how responsive she will be) and I haven't heard back from her. Can I call NCL direct or must I go through my travel agent?
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