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  1. I'm glad to hear about all of these changes. I love the use of technology!
  2. Left. Harmony was my first cruise in 2018 and made me fall in love with cruising. Went on Empress to Cuba later that year and then took Adventure to the Abc Islands in 2019. Have had to cancel 2 cruises for this year, which was sad. It is now my favorite form of vacation and the fact that I live in Miami makes it such an easy choice.
  3. I find pools to be gross, so I couldn't care less.
  4. I just hope their's no 70's party. Can we get at the least a 90's party? Over disco music on cruises.
  5. Well, I'm in my 30's and most of my co-workers who are also in their 30's are excited to try this cruise line. No kids seems to be the huge selling point!!!
  6. Ugh, I hope there's not another 70's disco party. I would love to go on a cruise where the play music that was made in the last two decades.
  7. I really don't care about the multiple entrees. One is enough. I wonder how many people arguing this point order multiple entrees when they go to a restaurant on land?
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