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  1. If universities are already planning to have students take classes online for the entire school year, surely nobody expects to get on a cruise ship during that time.
  2. There are both. The Walgreens is directly across the street, in the same building as the Sheraton Old San Juan Hotel (basically on the ground floor of the hotel, but with its own entrance). The CVS is around the corner from the Sheraton Old San Juan, literally a block or less away.
  3. That is asinine!! You should request to speak with the resolutions department, and if they don’t handle it, then make a dispute on your credit card. The only issue with making a dispute on the credit card is that your booking may get canceled since they aren’t crediting the FCC’s to the booking, and you may lose the pricing if it’s gone up. Can you cancel and rebook? Or did you book a non refundable fare? As for the format of your original post, I agree that it needed paragraphs and larger font, and would normally stop reading after the first few sentences, however you
  4. By the time you’re done touring the islands and get back on the ship, there’s not a ton of time left. You shower and go to dinner, then see a show or do trivia, go to karaoke or watch a poolside movie. Then go to bed and do it all over again. I know there are kids who don’t like spending time with their parents (or vice versa), but if you enjoy doing things together then those are all activities that can be done together and don’t have an age limit.
  5. I’ll see your ‘disgust with drooled-on pillows,’ and one-up you this: The Friendly Swede Sleeping Bag... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07SXRJH3B?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  6. I was going to say the same thing. I stopped trying to read it after the first few words and just skipped right past the posts with this font.
  7. One would assume a person paid for their cruise already, and any balance on your card is for other purchases. If you’re worried that you need to leave a balance on your card in order to receive the refund, you don’t. The credit card company will just cut you a check for anything that takes you below a $0 balance.
  8. I cancelled my drink packages March 24th. Refund showed up on my credit card 31 days later (23 business days).
  9. I was thinking the same thing. It seems like I’m reading about a lot more refunds from those of us who cancelled ourselves than I’m seeing from people who were on cancelled sailings. Who knows though. We just started hearing about an influx of refunds 2 days ago, so it’ll be interesting to see how it pans out. It seems like a lot of people are taking the FCC which might be why we haven’t heard as much about refunds for cancelled sailings. But maybe I’m just noticing those more because I’m surprised so many people are going that route instead of the cash route, so maybe I’m biased in w
  10. St Kitts: Depending on how physically active you are (or want to be), the Mt Liamuiga volcano hike is a unique option that we liked. We’ve also done an island tour there by negotiating with a taxi driver to take us to the main tourist spots, like the fort, the batik factory, the viewpoint where you can see the Caribbean and the Atlantic come together, and ended the day at the beach outside the Carambola Beach Club. In St Lucia there’s a great tour company called Cosol’s that runs a very professional operation that takes you all over the island. It will take up your entire
  11. I opened this thinking it was a joke about doing muster over zoom or something.
  12. All my refunds have now been received. I cancelled my June cruise as well as 2 drink packages on March 24th (1 day before final payment, and I had a refundable deposit). I was told I would get the refund in 7-10 days (didn’t ask if it was total days or business days). My credit card shows my refund as being posted on April 19th (26 total days after I cancelled, 18 business days), though it didn’t show up for me to see it until the end of today (Friday April 24th, 31 total days after I cancelled, 23 business days). The refund showed up in 4 unequal payments that don’t
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