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  1. We got a voice mail today from Christy a Conciege at Celebrity offering her services to help us with shore excursions, specialty restaurant reservations etc for our Apex January 2021 sailing..........
  2. Latest update on your cruisemates from Miami. The husband who was intubated for so many weeks and on dialysis for kidney failure was given the plasma transfusion and as they were trying to wean him off respirator slowly he pulled out his tube and miraculously began breathing on his own!! And his kidney function is almost normal! He is now out of intensive care in a regular room and on his way hopefully on his way to a full recovery. His wife has tested negative after 14 days and is preparing to donate plasma . Sister in law was just released from hospital and she and her husband are recuperating at home. Family is eternally grateful for the multitude of prayers and the generous plasma Donor.
  3. Latest update on our acquaintances that were on this sailing. One of them remains on a ventilator and slowly being weaned after receiving plasma.Hiswife has been released from the hospital. The other two have had to. Be hospitalized but are doingfairly well. They are thankful for the outpouring of volunteers who donated their plasma even though most weren’t a match. The Family continues to ask for plasma donation for others and we continue to have zoom prayer meetimgs for them . Please continue to have them and all others affected in your thoughts and prayers.Thank you.
  4. For your info our acquaintance has taken a turn for the worse. He is now in renal failure and has started dyalisis. Despite the outpouring of volunteers for plasma no one has matched. A donor is coming tomorrow from Jacksonville and they are hoping for the best. His wife has been discharged from the hospital and is alone at home in stable condition. The other two remain fairly well recuperating at home . Please keep them and all others infected in your thoughts and prayers.
  5. As I stated before 4 of our acquaintances who were on the ship have tested positive. One of them is critical in the hospital intubated and unfortunately the anti malaria drug has not worked. Yesterday the family did a massive appeal for a plasma donor recovered from Covid19 and with his blood type. This morning they said 3 persons had volunteered and were waiting to see if they matched. Please have him in your prayers. His wife was admitted today but she is not doing that bad and the other 2 so far are recuperating at home. Hoping and praying that all of you that have been infected will recover promptly. Stay safe.
  6. I know for a fact 4 of our acquaintances who were on the Eclipse who have tested positive and one of them critical in the hospital. They got tested at the advice of Celebrity upon their arrival in Miami. Personally I think it’s extremely sad. Do not want to start any arguments I respect everyone’s opinion. In addition we were on the Infinity in January and March and became very fond of several crew members. Our hearts are broken to see that a crew member has died and the rest are quarantined on the ship. Thinking and praying for them constantly.
  7. Our original cabin has been restored.
  8. Check your cruise planner!! We are on the October 22 2020 sailing. I checked our cruise planner now and see that the cabin we booked onboard over a year ago has been changed to Guaranty veranda !! I just spoke to a rep who told me all cabin assignments are being reviewed because of the refurbishment as some cabins will change from 4 to 2 people etc and that cabins should be reassigned in a week or two and other changes of the ship may take longer.....
  9. I know I just emailed him the flyer showing the TA on the 31st and the first Caribbean cruise on the 14th!. Incredible! No.answer from him.....
  10. I was just told by Celebrity that the TA will leave from Venice to Tampa on November 9.....and more details will be available next week. I hope so since we are on the October 22 sailing and would love to stay for the TA. However I called my rep at Celebrity this evening and he told me it would be leaving from Venice on November 9 and he would have more info next week. I hope he’s wrong.....
  11. I was just told by Celebrity that the TA will leave from Venice to Tampa on November 9.....and more details will be available next week.
  12. Oh I presume you don’t get off the ship in Key West and God forbid in any of the Mexican ports as that would REALLY be scary! Way down South......
  13. As far South as you feel safe??????? Wow! Incredible. That’s as far as I got. Not interested in what somewhat like you has to say....
  14. I agree. Sailed in one loved it and I’m booked in another one.
  15. I completely agree. The brunch at Tuscan was not worth it. I really enjoyed the lunch at LGB. Hopefully they won’t change it.
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