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  1. Our original cabin has been restored.
  2. Check your cruise planner!! We are on the October 22 2020 sailing. I checked our cruise planner now and see that the cabin we booked onboard over a year ago has been changed to Guaranty veranda !! I just spoke to a rep who told me all cabin assignments are being reviewed because of the refurbishment as some cabins will change from 4 to 2 people etc and that cabins should be reassigned in a week or two and other changes of the ship may take longer.....
  3. I know I just emailed him the flyer showing the TA on the 31st and the first Caribbean cruise on the 14th!. Incredible! No.answer from him.....
  4. I was just told by Celebrity that the TA will leave from Venice to Tampa on November 9.....and more details will be available next week. I hope so since we are on the October 22 sailing and would love to stay for the TA. However I called my rep at Celebrity this evening and he told me it would be leaving from Venice on November 9 and he would have more info next week. I hope he’s wrong.....
  5. I was just told by Celebrity that the TA will leave from Venice to Tampa on November 9.....and more details will be available next week.
  6. Oh I presume you don’t get off the ship in Key West and God forbid in any of the Mexican ports as that would REALLY be scary! Way down South......
  7. As far South as you feel safe??????? Wow! Incredible. That’s as far as I got. Not interested in what somewhat like you has to say....
  8. I agree. Sailed in one loved it and I’m booked in another one.
  9. I completely agree. The brunch at Tuscan was not worth it. I really enjoyed the lunch at LGB. Hopefully they won’t change it.
  10. We also enjoyed the Edge in January and really liked our IV. We are also booked again for 2020 and booked on Apex for 2021. Not everyone has been turned off by this class of ship.
  11. We are in our 70s. Have taken almost 100 Cruises In the Last 47 years on many different lines beginning with our honeymoon on RC Song of Norway. Sailed on the Old Celebrity Ships, All the C class M class and S class and sailed Edge in January. While we respect all opinions and understand the ship is not for everyone we LOVED the Edge LOVED our IV. We are booked in an IV on the Apex for January 2021 with several cruises in the M class and S class in between. To make the assumption that all older seasoned cruisers are turned off by Edge class is wrong.
  12. I Would like to commend You for being the only poster to show compassion for the poor people of Venezuela. Before the communist thugs turned that rich prosperous country into the disaster it is today all of the ABC islands benefited greatly from Venezuelans shopping and vacationing there. We visited Curaçao last September and a few of the shop owners told me how their sales had plummeted because of the Venezuelan situation. I pray that they can regain their freedom and can go back to being the wonderful prosperous country they once were.
  13. We have been on the Equinox 3 times this year. Just got off yesterday from the special 3 day cruise. It’s a great ship with an amazing staff. However I love that the Reflection has the Lawn Club Grill and The Porch. With very similar itineraries I would definitely pick the Reflection.
  14. You don’t have to wear a jacket. I was on the September 14 sailing. They were plenty of men wearing long sleeves shirts and casual shirts as well.
  15. Several years ago flying back to Miami from a European Celebrity cruise my husband picked up a bag at customs identical to ours down to the rainbow strap we put around ours. We passed customs and off we went. When we got home and I went to unpack to my horror it was NOT our bag! It was unlocked and somehow there was a paper inside with the owner's name and address in Puerto Rico! We called the operator and were able to get their home phone and left them a message since they were obviously on their flight back to San Juan. We then went back to MIA to return the bag so it could be sent to the rightful owner and to retrieve ours. Well, since our bag was still in customs it took hours and filling out forms and photo IDs before we could get ours. The family from Puerto Rico called us back happy to know we had their bag. They almost lost their flight filling out forms for their "lost" luggage. They got their bag the next day and called us to let us know and thanked us profusely. Since then even if it looks exactly like ours we double check the TWO tags we now put in all our luggage.
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