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  1. Thanks Big M. I would have thought JR would bring in cash for them, but maybe not busy enough.
  2. I noticed that Johnny Rockets is gone from deck 12 and replaced with a kids zone? That's a shame 😞
  3. Would you be able to post a link to the new deck plan please? I can't find it anywhere? Many thanks!
  4. Thanks Bob. I'm guessing the room will still have a sofa in it? And if so, then why not a sofa bed.
  5. Hi Everyone, we are due to sail on Voyager next year, and was contacted by Royal Caribbean today to let us know that our room will no longer be able to accommodate 3 guests. It was on Deck 8, a spacious balcony stateroom. Has anyone else had a similar message? They are offering us deck 6, or at the very rear on deck 10. I have a feeling they might be turning the room into a twin? They said compensation will not be offered to us.
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