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  1. Nice! Which ship is that? I've been looking at the Epic and it appears that there are 2 decks of Haven suites around the pool. Your pictures show one deck if I'm looking at it right.
  2. Android and iOS phones use hotspot to share the cellular data and create a WiFi access points for your other devices. But in this case the phone is connecting to the ship's WiFi. You can't "hotspot" that connection. You could do it with a laptop that has a WiFi card and driver that supports both client and AP mode simultaneously, and if you know how to bridge networks.
  3. The Jones Act wouldn't allow it to transport passengers solely between Miami and Port Canaveral. If there's no cruise starting the day before in Miami, and then going on to international ports, then it'll be empty.
  4. I stand corrected! I missed the nursery part.
  5. Guppies is one of the sub-groups in Splash Academy. So if the ship has Splash (which I believe all do), then it'll have Guppies.
  6. Do they want to go? My kids are similar ages and their favorite part of cruising is that they can go to the buffet, be independent, and get whatever they want. They just know that a third of one plate has to be veggies (but not a third of the second or third plate, lol). And me and DW get date nights!
  7. Ohh, you're going to be on the Sun. I haven't been on the Sun, and the deck plans show the Cafe on the deck 5 Atrium. The Sky came out of dry dock this year, and they added Starbucks on deck 6, starboard side, aft of the casino.
  8. I was just on the Sky, with the Premium package. There's a Starbucks, and is the only thing not covered.
  9. There is a Starbucks that will make those, but it is not included in any package, even the premium. You'll pay for each coffee there.
  10. We have reservations for 2 cabins, for 6 people total. Now I got the email about bidding for an upgrade. The 3 bedroom garden villa would fit all of us, is it possible to combine us all into that cabin? Would they apply the amount paid for the second cabin to the upgrade amount?
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