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  1. Hi -many thanks but yes I have claimed. However, when using Resolver it directs to Tui . States Tui no longer recognise Resolver but the Tui site was straightforward and seems like same format. Hopefully we’ll get the 600 euros each which will help towards the next cruise! Thanks again -Val
  2. Hi all -quick update-we flew out on 24th January and got seats together-window and centre on Tui Dreamliner albeit they were seat 42 but that was fine. After fab holiday on Azura we got same seats for return journey so all good. However, flight was delayed until next day due to a technical fault. We were all put up in varying hotels but allocation was by seat number. Obviously we were at the end. Hotel was fine although no food or drink offered as it was midnight. It was only 2 star but air con was good and hotel clean and nice pool. We got decent breakfast and lunch and returned to Barba
  3. Ha -I don’t know anything about MSC but did like P & O last year. I’m not that desperate to sit together-it’s just a long time to sit next to strangers!
  4. Hi there Mickey89 Thanks for the tip and good thinking. I'll have a look at what's left. Also I'll have a think about MSC - cheers! Val
  5. Thanks again for more information. Aisle seats are fine and mean you can easily get up and walk around without disturbing passengers adjacent. Like you, we will take our chances both ways. It will be a good test for future cruises. Have a lovely Christmas!
  6. DGS1956 - Thanks very much for taking the time to post your experience. It’s much appreciated. It seems it worked out really well for you -well done! We fly from Manchester at about 1130 so it’s no hardship to arrive 3 hours before the flight. So, on outward journey you were asked if you wanted to pay for seats on return journey? Many thanks again and hope you had a lovely holiday.
  7. To dgs1956 -many thanks & much appreciated. Also configuration of plane had a bearing: 3/4/3. I’m not anti social, honestly, but prefer when can book just 2 seats together. I suppose, to be fair, not adding this cost to the cruise fare still leaves us with a choice but also gives Tui/P & O some revenue. Thanks again all
  8. Many thanks all for replies. I almost caved in and paid to book seats on aircraft but like dgs1956 we’re going to take our chances. If we’re split up I’ll just annoy whoever I’m sat next to! So, instead when we’re in St Vincent we’ve booked day trip to Mustique. Cost is £228 after loyalty discount so bit more than booking seats with Tui but feel that offers more for our money. Thanks again
  9. Hi all- we’re with P & O travelling Manchester to Barbados for Caribbean cruise on Azura in January 2020. The time came when we could book specific seats on ‘plane. Cost was £35 each per trip -£140 for both of us. We went on our 1st cruise last Christmas on Britannia and I did book the seats then but they were £25 -£100 round trip. The cost now seems prohibitive. Does anyone know if we’ll be sat together anyway? £140 is almost cost of an excursion. Also, correct me, but I don’t think it’s possible to check in online to be able to get seat numbers -think check in is at ai
  10. Many thanks for replies - We went to St Vincent around Xmas last year. We liked it: walked to Botanic Gardens -really interesting; walked round vibrant market & had a beer chatting to locals then went to bar in Cobblestone Hotel. That’s really authentic & drinks were cheaper than the market! Hotel rooms looked nice and it has a sun terrace but was too hot (for us) to sit out. There were guides all along main drag from Cruise terminal to help with directions & advice -that was very useful. So after much dilemma I’ve booked Mustique excursion. It includes a restaurant meal
  11. Hi there -we’re going Caribbean with P & O in January. Can anyone advise on the trips from St Vincent to Bequia or Mustique please? I’ve seen that the Bequia trip spends time at sea for snorkelling which is probably brilliant but not our thing. Also that the Mustique trip seems to drop passengers at Britannia bay then need a taxi to explore? Seems to be downsides to both. I’ve seen a couple of reviews that say the crossing was quite rough; not sure if this is regular occurrence or unusual? I’d appreciate any advice especially from those who have done these trips. Thanks in advance-Val curr
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