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  1. I continue to see all of the posts relating to canceling. I get it. The world is in a state of panic right now. Can we cancel? Should we cancel? What if we cancel? When will Celebrity cancel? Really fellow travelers, stay away if you are sick or have been exposed! I understand if your health is fragile or you truly feel the need to cancel for whatever reason. Do what you must do. But, I really want to go on our upcoming cruise and want to know who else has no intention of canceling unless we fall ill or are exposed! I do NOT want Celebrity to cancel o
  2. This will be our first cruise from Hawaii on Celebrity Eclipse. We are very comfortable with getting off the ship and finding local tour guides in the Caribbean. Is it best to plan ahead on the Hawaiian ports of call, or will we find locals as we get to the islands? Any recommendations of locals you have used will be appreciated!!
  3. Ship: Summit, December 2019 Revolution (2019 onwards) - Yes Cabin: 6142 Deck: # 6 Class: Royal Suite Area/Location: Aft- Starboard Bed Location / View: Perfect from every location in/outside this suite Quiet? Yes Balcony/Porthole View: Excellent Balcony/Porthole Size: Oversized - no table/chairs...lots of silly small wooden(logs) Wind a Problem? No Soot a Problem? No Comments: Fabulous Suite! A few negatives: No electrical outlets or USB ports bedside or next to sofa in LR Hot Tub on balcony was awful!! Wat
  4. Is there a Retreat Sundec on the Eclipse for Suite guests? I know the "revolution" has been postponed, but wonder if they have perhaps made some modifications. If so, where is the sundeck located? Thank you!
  5. Hmmm... trying to figure out the online websites you are all referencing. Stumped! I think many of us prefer the Refundable option, particularly when planning far in advance.
  6. We were on the Millie in June 2019. We had done the 4 day land tour from Anchorage to Seward prior to boarding. The land tours are subcontracted by Celebrity. Our guide was very nice, but very new, and when comparing notes with others on with different guides, we missed out on a lot of information. Absolutely NO information about the hotels, tours, daily activities are available ahead of time. You select your tours when you arrive at the initial meeting point, our was the Marriott in Anchorage for the first day. Each day is booked the day before. The train from Anchorage to Denali was all
  7. So, I understand that for our December cruise, Le Petit Chef will be in place on the Summit. Although we never got good at ordering in Qsine (we simply ordered too much food, so many choices), we always had fun & enjoyed our meal. As for the LPC experience, we are looking forward to giving it a try... BUT, I am concerned that the lack of menu options will keep the picky eaters in our family from enjoying the dinner. Am I correct that there is the only the Le Petit Chef Menu and the "Other" menu...and that is it? So, on the Summit, it will be Tuscan Grill, Sushi on 5 (we don't eat su
  8. We have been on both sides of this scenario in Luminae. When with a group of family/friends traveling together, it is easy for the volume of our conversations to become intrusive without intent. Having also been on cruises with just my husband, we have endured the lively party atmosphere of groups. Sometimes just catching the eye of one member of the large group and nicely gesturing “shhh“or “keep it down” with your hand, will remind them that their voices were traveling. It is always possible to be moved to a different location, but Luminae on “M” class don’t offer a lot of places to get
  9. Really enjoyed reading all of your information! Thank you for posting. Now that 6 months have gone by, I was wondering if anyone traveling more recently in a Summit Royal Suite have any updates, specifically regarding the power outlets and the need for adapters. We were in a Sky Suite on the Millie post revolution, and it had wonderful bedside lamps with a built in A/C outlet and 2 USB outlets. Also, wondered if there is a lamp on a table next to the sofa bed in the living room. I only see the lamps mounted above the sofa bed on the wall. I am hopeful that feedback from others has perhap
  10. Thanks for an easy to read format! Makes it easy for "Arno" to add to his spreadsheet!! Also easy to print and fill in the blanks while on board! I find all of this interesting and love knowing ahead of time if anyone we are familiar with will be on board when we are.
  11. We too were at the Marriott. There is a market a couple of blocks away, an easy walk. That being said, we filled a water bottle from home with distilled water, tightened the top as tight as possible, put it in a ziplock bag packed it in with our checked bags and we were good to go. As each night we were in a different hotel, this made it very easy.
  12. Many, MANY years ago, on the Century, we had a separate cabin for our then young teen kids. We were going to dinner, or going to a show, and our son ran back to his cabin to retrieve something he wanted. He walked in on his cabin steward, with another employee, going through his wallet, which had been left on the dresser. The cabin steward told him he was looking for something, I kind of recall it was an insurance card, to show his friend. He had not taken any money (how much does a kid have anyway) or anything at all. We did report it to security, as it was unsettling. They moved our ki
  13. This thread recently moved the focus to the Penthouse Suites. We stayed on a Sky Suite on the Millie in June in Alaska. As it was way too chilly to sit outside, I cannot remember the furniture at all. I know my husband does have pictures, which I will try to get a copy of and post here. But, what I did want to share was that our butler did offer to bring in the table from the deck inside for breakfast in the cabin. We did not take him up on it, but I gathered that perhaps he had done this before. So, my question would be: How about the Royal Suites? We were in 6141 on the Sum
  14. Hope you don’t mind if I piggyback on your thread. I do have a question about laundry. If you just need items pressed, can that be requested on the first day? Thanks!
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