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  1. It is held in Studio B, and is vaccinated only.
  2. Not sure about the time, but you should have a coffee maker in your room.
  3. I'm a little disappointed. I was looking forward to no crowds. Now both ships are scheduled for the same day in December. Any chance that will change?
  4. Any issues with obtaining a pool lounger? I know capacity is reduced, but it seems like the chairs are too.
  5. Are they making you wear a mask on the carousel?! It's outdoors ....
  6. Our cruise is December 26th. Should I wait another month to order our tests?
  7. Ok, thank you. I'm concerned because it's Christmas, and the test wont be done until around 11 or so. EST.
  8. What are the hours for the video telehealth / Binax test that Royal allows? Are they 24/7? We have have to test on Christmas night.
  9. Did they require the mask when you got food, or was that your choice?
  10. I have zero intention of wearing a mask in a vaccinated only area. I wouldn't wear one period if we weren't forced to.
  11. Why were 2 non-vaxxed adults allowed on? I don't expect an answer - just sayin ....
  12. Hi - You said you are with a group of 15, and they did not seat you together for dinner? What is the reason for this? We are a group of 9 on a family vacation. Not eating together would not be an option for us.
  13. They have been waiting for this! and so have I! So happy!
  14. We are cruising at the end of December. If the appeals court rules in favor of NCL, I fully expect our (and all other) sailing to be vax only. Also I think these "first" sailings, with such a low capacity, doesn't make for a fun atmosphere. I'm hoping for a much higher capacity when we go in 4 months. We know which bars and clubs are vax only, and that's where we will be.
  15. I understand not liking an empty ship, but there are so many "vaccinated only" areas, that it shouldn't have required you to wear a mask for so long. Unless you aren't vaccinated.
  16. What happened to no masks in vaccinated only venues??
  17. How are they handling things like bars and parties for vaccinated people? Everything normal - dance floors open, no masks?
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