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  1. I agree with you. Seeing this, it doesn't look like he could have leaned out of the window. Need to see that video from a different angle. The one RCCL released doesn't portray a gap like this photo does.
  2. Yes, although the video is not totally clear (to me), it certainly looks like he is holding her out of the window.
  3. Yes, criminal case will go first; no, it won't have any bearing on the civil case.
  4. I doubt he "lied". More than likely he has PTSD and his version is his mind's way of protecting him. The video certainly changes everything, but I would never said he lied.
  5. You can. I did for our March 1st cruise.
  6. They can't even sell out over spring break. That should wake them up ... our cruise has tons of cabins left, on every deck!
  7. It's the pool deck. This ship will never get good ratings. It truly is a slap in the face that they took away all of the public free space outside for a $209pp fee to Vibe. We have sailed NCL since 2008. Next one will be Royal - this turned me off that much.
  8. Do you still get the cabana attendant, and the $50 food credit with the large cabana?
  9. That's not bad. The cabana is not showing on my sailing yet, but the villas are.
  10. I would not waste the money on the Haven, except for on the Epic. Posh alone was worth it. It would annoy me to no end having that many unruly brats running around. I would personally spend that money on a butler level suite at Sandals, where I know there aren't any kids.
  11. You aren't really getting an OBC. Instead of paying $250 for the cert, you are paying $150.
  12. That's what I am thinking. They have to be receiving numerous complaints about the lack of public sun deck space.
  13. The Epic arrives in Barcelona at 5 am. I'm assuming that leaves us plenty of time for a 9:40 am flight, but I have never been to Barcelona. Would we be ok with that flight time? Unfortunately, that's the only nonstop flight.
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