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  1. Sounds like they deserved it. Entitled people are such a pain in the tush.
  2. Thank you. Do they have bottled water in there?
  3. Are there beverages available on Deck 12 of the studio lounge, or do you have to go down to 11?
  4. I have been many places, including Belize. Does not negate the fact that Nassau is a dump.
  5. Think we are switching to Easter week. I swore I wouldn't sail on Encore, but ....
  6. Looking at the Breakaway for June 2020, only because we have no other option. Well, we do ... we can do a 5-dayer on the Sky. This is really disappointing.
  7. The article said those paid before June 5th are grandfathered in, so ... I would imagine you are ok.
  8. I never respond to posts like that. It's asinine to post your vacation dates and essentially let everyone know when you will be away. Regardless of whether you have armed guards at your house or not - why would you post that kind of personal information? Your scenario above just solidifies my stance.
  9. Hi - could use some help to make our decision. We just booked the Epic out of Barcelona for next May. It's way too early to buy a flight, but in trying to determine the approximate cost, it seems like it could cost $3,000 for 3 of us to fly from Miami to Barcelona on a Friday or even Saturday (cruise departs on Sunday, May 3, 2020). The reduced air offer from NCL would currently put us at around $1,800. Does anyone have experience flying from Miami to Barcelona using NCL's air? What kind of flights may we be looking at? I'm scared of a 20-hour trip with two or more stops if we book the air and hotel thru NCL. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated!
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