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  1. I apologize for being vague. When I said that the cruise ships "own" the jewelry stores in ports what I meant was that those stores are paying for advertising and that the cruise ships are getting a cut in their revenues. They have a very close relationship, meaning that the only person they are concerned about is profit. I probably should have said that they are not independent stores. They are only there to make money off cruisers. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/cruise-ships-financially_b_1531590
  2. Currently I have the Wifi and Shore Excursion. There really is no savings as you don't get money back from only taking 1 promo (or no promos depending on your room category).
  3. That sucks.. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks this.
  4. Did an Alaskan cruise earlier this summer and planning another cruise in 2021. As I look at the free offers, 20% for latitude members, free airfare, upgrades, etc.... I wish they gave the pop package as an offer (with the passenger paying the 20% gratuities). I do not drink a lot of alcohol, if any. If I buy two pop packages it will cost $178.82. If I get the "free" drink package I'm paying $371.14 in fees for two people. Would be nice for NCL to acknowledge that not everyone drinks (and maybe even go so far as to mention that certain people can't drink - medical conditions, AA, etc). Before I make final payment I'm going to call NCL to make some changes to my booking and will ask at that time but I doubt they will say yes.
  5. Another thing to add is that most cruise ships own the jewellery stores that are at each port. So when the lovely friendly guy on the cruise ship is giving you coupons for the stores on shore, he is basically advertising for himself (representing the cruise company). A friend who lives nears Haines, Alaska, says that the locally owned stores have to put up signs letting people know they aren't owned by the cruise lines.
  6. Oh good I'm not the only one. My son and I just got off the Jewel to Alaska and now I'm planning Hawaii in 2021. I figure I should have enough money by then to pay for it. 🙂 We can only cruise in the summer and unless it's free free I'm not paying to go to the Caribbean when I have tropical weather in my hometown.
  7. Our first cruise we bought the drink package (Carnival Sunshine). It was for 2 adults and 1 child. We did not save money as the bars were busy on sea days, we had to pay an extra charge on port days. Second cruise was on NCL and we saved money by paying each time. We also sometimes got free pop, and I had a drink card at the casino. For our next cruise I'm not sure what we'll do but I can easily drink 5-6 pops a day and my son 2-3. It's seriously a complicated math equation.
  8. Do you have a friend who can loan you the money? I had this happen because I had to rebook my dog sledding tour in Alaska and hadn't received the refund from the company that had to cancel. It was embarrassing but it was my own fault for not having any extra money for emergencies. I guess the lesson is to check online every once in a while to make sure everything is still correct. Especially when you book so far out in advance.
  9. My credit card had one transaction, listed as : NORWEGIAN JEWEL MIAMI FL I am Canadian and the charge reflects the amount in CAD (My invoice was in US dollars so did a quick math equation to make sure it was correct). I will say that they did not tell me what the conversion rate was so needed to check my credit card company rate.
  10. I've become one of those people 🙂 Just came back from Alaska and have decided to book another cruise. FYI I'm Canadian so these amounts are all in CAD. With the 20% discount I can book a Hawaii cruise in 2021 for $2000 less then if I book the cruise in 2020 - crazy right? Especially since prices are just going to go up. Also I'm in Ottawa Canada so flights to Honolulu would be a minimum of $1300 per person but if I book an oceanview I can get flights for $600 per person. I'm big on deals so did a bunch of math and realized that the price difference between an inside cabin and oceanview cabin is still less then if I booked airfare myself (can't get reduced airfare for an inside cabin). I have read up a lot about the airfare that NCL offers but there really isn't a lot of choice to get to to Honolulu (red eyes. at least 1-2 stops). Now I did read the cancellation policy and do I get my deposit back if I cancel before 120 days?
  11. I'm looking at doing a Hawaii cruise in the summer of 2021 to use the 20% Latitudes bonus. I will be charged $1069 airfare plus $134 transfer (for two people). The cheapest flight I could get if I booked with a TA is over $2500 and I'd need to fly in a day early as I don't trust to arrive the day of (thus hotel overnight, extra transportation). That is such a huge savings I'm going to go with it. Also, I looked at most flights Toronto to Honolulu and they are pretty much the same (2 stops there, 2 stops back with an overnight).
  12. Just back from my cruise. My casino card (Jade) and Drink card (house drinks) was in my room when I arrived. Gambled but did not win. I have no idea how anyone could get to the next level - wow it was hard to win anything at the casino. I did drink alot of diet coke and probably saved a huge amount had I had to pay for it separately. I would probably just get the pop package as the casino was closed port days (which I knew about) but also during two of the sea days.
  13. Back from our cruise to Alaska. First wanted to say thank you to all the input and suggestions from this forum. I had an amazing time with amazing excursions. Ketchikan - Lumberjack Show - I booked directly online and added the axe throwing for my son. The show was amazing. Yes it was cheesy. Yes it was touristy. It was great. My son really liked the axe throwing and there were only 5 people so lots of individual attention. Juneau - Dog Sledding! I was able to find a company that did dog sledding. I booked through Alaska Shore Excursions and used North Star Helicopters. The trip was amazing. It was totally worth the money. Very professional staff. Skagway - Used Frontier Excursions and did the bus tour to the Yukon sign and Suspension Bridge. I wanted my son to go to the Yukon and it was a great trip. I read almost the entire thread on packing lists and followed it exactly. Almost everything we packed we used. We did not use bugspray (wasn't really out in the forest but brought it just in case) and actually did not need an umbrella. It did not rain one day the entire trip. We did pack winter jackets, hats and mitts but we used it only for the dog sledding on a glacier. I could have just used my heavy sweater and scarf the glacier days. Seward - We used Alaska Cruise Transportation - Big Bus Tours. The trip took less time then I thought and our guide tour was great. We did the direct transfer because I didn't want to miss our flight. In regards to the airport in Anchorage - if you fly Air Canada beware that they only have 3 staff on duty so they go back and forth between the check in desk and the gate. It meant that until the 1pm flight left, I couldn't' check in for my 4pm flight.
  14. I was just in Alaska last week and I'm Canadian. I kept my phone on airplane mode and was able to access the app. All the information given above is correct. Just to add I did turn my phone on in Juneau and Skagway but ended up getting a warning since once we were far from shore I was out of range and was going to get charged international rates. (My Roger's plan charges $7/day for US roaming).
  15. I just remembered that I used the internet cafe computer to check in for my flights. Another option is for different people to use those computers to do what they need (so no need to worry about logging in and out on a phone).
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