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  1. I was one of those 1 million 🙂 (did an Alaskan cruise with NCL). I was thinking more the eastern provinces.
  2. The Canadian ports don't rely heavily on cruise tourists. There are enough people driving or flying to those places. Now until Canada lifts it's 14 day self isolation rule, no one from out of Canada is travelling anyways. And..currently Nova Scotia and the other Atlantic provinces have what they call "the Atlantic Bubble", they aren't letting anyone in and out without a lot of rules and supervision. That is how they have kept their numbers low.
  3. We're in Ottawa, Canada. We did a 4 day trip to Halifax and visited EVERY!!!!! important historic location of the Titanic disaster. Belfast.. totally forgot about that.. thank you for the reminder.
  4. My 13 year old son is obsessed with Titanic. He knows everything about Titanic. He is DESPERATE to cruise the same route as the Titanic. He loves architecture. He loves the history of Cunard. He was devasted that we had to cancel our trip to California because the only reason we got the idea to go to California was because of the Queen Mary at Long Beach. We've tried Carnival and we hated the loud noise, the party atmosphere, the extensive drinking, and basically the party boat theme. 🙂
  5. Unless we're from another country (Canada) where it looks like everyone will be able to receive a vaccine.
  6. I really appreciate your effort into this. Thank you. Right now I"m not booking until I know the borders will be open and I can actually fly to England and back from New York. I will be calling if that happens prior to next July if the cruise still has space.
  7. It was M 123C that I was trying to book.
  8. My 14 year old would probably annoy you by talking your ear off about Titanic, the history of Cunard, the different architecture designs of the ship, and explain how he can't miss tea time 🙂
  9. Thank you for all your responses. That does make sense that perhaps they have reached their limit with number of children for kids club capacity and overall limit on children. And now that I think about it if I was an adult travelling alone I would want those limits. We have specific restrictions on when we can do this cruise (only summer time, must leave from Southhampton, only want one way, not round trip) Once the 2022 summer cruises are released I will know to book ASAP 🙂
  10. I've been playing around with cruise bookings and it seems that Cunard is not allowing anyone under the age of 18 to go on a transatlantic cruise. I haven't chosen any other cruise so not sure if it's only transatlantics. I couldn't find any information about this restriction. Does anyone know anything about this? (My 14 year old and I want to do a transatlantic from Southhampton at some point).
  11. I have cruised with NCL and Carnival. NCL is way overpriced without a lot of good deals. I can book a Carnival cruise for $300 for an 8 night cruise. I know what cruise lines I'm going to book with for a last minute cruise....
  12. Canada is pushing for local tourism. Instead of Canadians travelling to the US they want us to stay in Canada (aka not go across the border flying or driving) and spend our money here. Tourism boards are voicing their concerns but at the same time until the border is open no one from the US is getting into Canada to get on a cruise ship.
  13. Posted a similar message in another Cruise Line forum. Canadians have been mentionining this for a while so at least it's official. Our border is still closed as well, so unless you lived in Canada you weren't able to even get to the port. I do agree that it is sad and I love cruising. My son and I book "fantasy" cruises every few days. We play the "where would we go if we won the lottery and didn't have to go to school/work".
  14. Many Canadians have been mentioning that this would happen but at least it's official. We still have border restrictions so unless you live in Canada and were going on a Canadian cruise you wouldn't have been able to get here. And is anyone commenting on how airlines are still selling tickets for flights that might not be running either?
  15. I was given the same offer and I have only done one cruise in 2018 and perhaps gambled $1000. I want to take the offer but I"m in Canada and not sure I can get to one of the ports for the cruise 😞 I just logged in to re read the offer and it sounds like drinks everywhere is for the first and second guest.
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