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  1. ^^ This... Your CC can't keep your "Refund" as CC credit if you're CC is paid off.. You may have an issue if you have a balance tho.. We are going to most likely run into this with our refund.. Just do you best to keep your balance to zero as possible and you'll get your money from the CC company - it just will probably take some time..
  2. I am on the April 12th Bliss sailing out of NYC.. I know it'll be cancelled but by NCL sending out their "48 Hour Piece of Mind" cancellation policy, it does give people pretty much up until the last minute to cancel and not lose anything.. We all know if NCL cancels the cruise, they will be out more money in the +100%'s of the FCC you get. The longer they wait, the less they can potentially lose. So, me personally? I'll wait until the 49th'ish hour to cancel - then we all know they will cancel the cruise with less then 47 hours to go which will save money because most will have canceled
  3. At a minimum! And the grats to 25-30%... and the Daily's to $20-25 per person/per day... They will recoup their monies somehow.. But in all seriousness, I really REALLY hope they don't go crazy like that - it's not the fault of their customers that this happened and it's not the customers job to make the lines whole either..
  4. I'm on the April 12th Cruise and it's baffling me that they've not cancelled it yet.. Do you think they haven't to see how many people canx on their own beforehand? From what I've read, you don't get as much compensation if you do this and get more if the cruise line cancels the cruise.. I guess it's their way of saving money in the long run....
  5. Yes.... No new cruises, but all current cruises that were currently sailing were not mandated to return to their ports all at once. Do you know how crazy that would have been? Talk about a traffic nightmare..
  6. If you see this now, tune in.. They are talking about how they were told to lie and be deceitful about the virus....
  7. … But to try and provide an answer, I work for Customs in New York/Newark and we control the Cruise ship Terminals at Pier 88, Bayonne and Brooklyn per se - but not the Pier parking.. I reached out to my counterparts to see if they can shed some light on the OPs question and I will share with the class if I find out anything...
  8. Seaman Shmuckatelly.. Stop.. Just stop with all your hypothesis about parking at the Pier in Manhattan.. What happened to you at other ports doesn't pertain to what the OP asked nor does it help others that are curious... Unless you have factual evidence to support your claims, just keep your opinions to yourself...
  9. Thanks Thanks!!! These days, you just immediately go to the worst case scenario...
  10. Anyone have any insight on this? Their itinerary says they should be at the GSC today......
  11. Gee, thanks.... I was hoping for a more logical or a not so smart-a$$ answer, but thanks for taking the time to up your post count - as I just did....
  12. Great compact and to the point review.... But dayum, I hate seeing ^^^^^^ that! It's going to take every ounce of my well-being not to go off on some disgusting ahole doing this when I want to park my butt and "Observe", not "SLEEP/DROOL" at the lounge... Did you notice or try to alert the staff? I wonder what they would do or could do. I would hope they'd wake them and make them move or at least be awake whilst lounging there.. People are such trash at times... I hear the Observation Lounge is really nice and relaxing....
  13. So, I've been on a few cruises and the casino bar has usually been pretty spot on.... And what I mean by that is this.. I've rarely not got (not got, lol) a seat at the Casino Bar and most of the time, I've received the best service and quality of drinks there since they usually don't have a line 2-3 deep... Can I hope for the same service and "comfort", if you will, from the Casino Bar on the Bliss? 2nd part... The games. I know they have slots, but what table games do they have besides blackjack? Do they have 3 or 4 card poker? Let it Ride? Ultimate Texas Holdem? What about a cra
  14. NCL Breakaway NCL Bliss - Going on this in April, but I know it'll rank above the below... USS Sterett (DDG-104) USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) NCL Gem I know you can't have a bad cruise, but the Gem was horrible IMHO.... I guess I just prefer larger ships
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