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  1. NCL Breakaway NCL Bliss - Going on this in April, but I know it'll rank above the below... USS Sterett (DDG-104) USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) NCL Gem I know you can't have a bad cruise, but the Gem was horrible IMHO.... I guess I just prefer larger ships
  2. Those lights can be pesky at times.... and annoying.
  3. This is interesting.. I have bought the Beverage package my last two cruises, albeit they were on Royal Caribbean, and bottled water as well as Starbucks, fresh squeezed juices, etc., were included. I would get a drink and a bottle of water pretty much every time to keep hydrated. I am curious if NCL is the only line that doesn't offer at least bottled water with their Beverage Package... I did get the Beverage Package, not the Deluxe, for my April 2020 Bliss Sailing, so I guess this one I'll be dragging around my water bottle and rolling the dice to get it filled at the bar from the soda gun? Or I'll just fill it up at the trusty water fountain, aka scuttlebutt, as us old Salts call it... Happy Sailing!
  4. If you want a Military Discount, the best thing to do is call - However, I've been on 5 cruises, never was able to get any kind of military discount.. Weird.. I ask, they say "they don't have anything..." It's all good tho.. But, for God sakes, don't bring your original DD-214 anywhere... You should have many certified copies of both Copy 1 and 4.... Keep the originals in a safe place..
  5. Also keep in mind that every time you buy something, you have to take it off and put it back on.... EVERYTIME you want something... That could be a pain in the butt at times.. Just my two cents..
  6. I will say.. Ice cream isn't a mandatory ingredient.... as long as you have the main four of Bailey's, Kahlúa, Vodka, and 1/2 and 1/2, blend with ice, you get a pretty good one.. Most bars won't have ice cream at the ready - especially cruise bars....
  7. The Bus boys, Food Runners, Bartender's.. they are "Tipped Out" by the servers in most restaurants. You just don't tip your server, but you're tipping everyone involved in your dining experience... The cooks and dishwashers are paid no less then min wage, but the others I mentioned, are considered "Tipped" employees, and in NJ, the pay per hour is (or was in 2015 when I bartended) was $2.18 an hour... With that being said, you can't compare the wages, etc., of land-based employees and ship's employees - as stated above in various ways. The dead horse of the Proper Way to Tip is "To Each Is Own".. Like our Mama's and Papa's taught us, "Let your conscience be your guide....". If you can live with what you do or don't do, then that's you.... Happy Cruising!!
  8. Some bartenders are heavy handed whilst some are light handed.. I guess if you get a weak drink, just politely ask for another shot.. I can't see them saying no - then don't go back to that same bartender. Once you find one that makes you a nice, stiff drink, make a habit of going back to them... But as some said above, I highly doubt they water down their liquors.. The ends will outweigh the means (or is it the means will outweigh the ends...lol) if they did that.... and I've had some weak drinks served to me, but I never thought they were tainted with water, and I just chalked it up on a poor pour - Just don't let the ice melt in your drinks
  9. I was on the Breakaway and LOVED the late night eats at O'Sheehan's .... and also the buffet had late night snacks - the pretzel sammaches were awesome!!! I guess it is what it is. All good tho!
  10. Hi all! Just curious.. What are the late night eats that are available on the Anthem? All I can find is that the Café Promenade offers food 24 hours a day.. For such a big ship, I find that hard to believe that Café Promenade is the only available option... I guess you can also get room service, but is there any other option for food for late night eats? Thanks!
  11. Hey All, I have been watching the price for this since I bought it almost 2 months ago... Bought it at $46 and now I see it at $45.. Not a big change, but it's the first movement I've seen it have - during my hours awake lol. I have been checking at least 5 to 6 times a day.... Hopefully this is a sign for things to come - one way or another.....
  12. Leave on 20 April on the Anthem.. Bought it 45ish days ago at 46 and it's not moved up or down once....and I check all day, everyday myself.. I guess at 2:30am is when they change it lol... ... EDIT: I just checked and it's now $45.00.. Not that big of a difference to canx and rebuy at this point...
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