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  1. My Breeze cruise was cancelled. On Friday I called Carnival and rebooked a sailing on the Magic with the exact same itinerary. If this magic cruise ends up cancelled, I'm taking the refund. But will also keep the flights and fly to florida and we'll do something else for a week.
  2. I like anything by mitsugirly or saint gregg
  4. I agree with this part. Which is why I think those who have not been financially affected by the pandemic should be paitent. Correct, not Carnival's fault. But DO realize people have lost jobs recently, over something that no one saw coming. I don't blame someone if they are in a position that they suddenly need this money.
  5. Did you happen to make it to the red frog pub? When I sailed the breeze they had an acoustic guitar player there signing country and classic rock songs.
  6. Thank you Kim for another great review. I always enjoy them. I was on a bahamas cruise two weeks ago and the TG6 has been a good camera for the beach and in the water so far. Can't wait to take it snorkeling on a future cruise. I'm booked for Carnival Mardi Gras (rollercoaster!! new ship!!) for Halloween of next year, and that cruise is doing Cozumel/Costa Maya/Roatan as well. I've already looked at some of your past reviews there on your website and as it gets closer and I start planning more I am sure your website will be a great resource. I'm annoyed for you at some of the crappier things that happened in this review. Don't need to rehash them all, but my goodness the "service" you got at the "specialty" restaurant on the last evening. Ghee whiz. And them closing the ropes course, and then day 7 the weather really was bad to legit keep it closed. ugh. But it is a cruise and I know you all had fun. Looking forward to your Oasis review. Hooray for crispy bacon!
  7. The chat app I've found to be very inconsistent. Even when keeping the app open the messages don't always get through. The next cruise were both gonna get the social media package and use facebook messenger. I'd rather pay more for something that actually works and gives you more features, than pay less for something that doesn't work well at all. Here come the boomers with their snide comments lol.
  8. Just booked this cruise last night. My girlfriend and I just did a short Bahamas cruise on the Victory. Was her first cruise ever and loved it. She doesn't know I booked this one yet, it will be a fun surprise. And it will be my 4th cruise. All new ports too.
  9. how about read the whole review instead of seeking out the negatives. there were an awful lot of positives. This is music to my ears!!! I'll be on Victory next week, and this is one of the main things I was concerned about. Thank you.
  10. Thank you Super27 and Don Kehote. My cruise on the victory begins in 10 days. Glad to hear you both enjoyed it overall.
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