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  1. Wish the casino had been good to me. But everything else was pretty much. Thanks.
  2. Glad you found time to read it and enjoyed! See you on other review threads. 🙂
  3. Ok, that part at the beginning where he and his GF are walking up and down the street looking for a restaurant, only to end up back at their hotel and discover the restaurant and a whole shopping/dining complex are inside and attached to the hotel they are staying in? That sounds like something I would do. Good review and pics.
  4. Nicki, since you've been looking up and reading old reviews, I thought you might be interested to read the review I did on the Victory, a cruise I took at the beginning of this year before the pandemic halted everything. I've also been occasionally reading old reviews, and now I'll be sure to go through this one, even if it was never completed. Take care.
  5. Another bumped Mitsu review. 😊 I'm booked on the Magic in April '21. (Covid 19 willing...) so it was nice to look at your pics of the Magic again.
  6. April '21 on Magic. HMC/Amber Cove/Grand Turk October '21 (Halloween) on Mardi Gras. Cozumel/Costa Maya/Roatan Really hope they both go as normal. Gonna be fun.
  7. I think it would make more sense for Carnival Corp to keep that exclusive to Princess. Princess costs more money. gotta have things that justify the extra cost.
  8. I've been enjoying reading these old reviews that have been getting bumped. Just what we need while waiting for cruising to start up again. Thanks for your review. Conquest was my first cruise ship and I was actually on her right as you were posting this review, late may of 2018. Loved the port pictures, as I have now been to all of these ports except for Cozumel, which I am scheduled to visit next fall while sailing Mardi Gras. Thanks again and I'll be sure to check out some of your other reviews.
  9. Another awesome past review. I'll be on the magic this coming April, pandemic willing. Thanks for the awesome review from 2016.
  10. FYI, Build a bear is an event that happens on the ship, not an actual dedicated storefront. So you aren't going to find a build-a-bear store like you would at the mall. You'll have to keep an eye out for it in the carnival fun times (or on the app)
  11. *bump* Nice review. During these current times reviews like this and remembering the good times are just what we all need.
  12. There was actually a similar thread on his a while back that was entertaining. But it wasnt no 1,500 posts. I'll have to look through this. 😀
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