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  1. Glad to hear you had a good time. I'll be on her in 80 days!
  2. 145. So looking forward to it. And all the inevitable ones after.
  3. That's not accurate at all. I was on the breeze last October. We didn't get off until well after 10:30. We just sat at a table on Lido deck and waited so the line at customs could die down a bit.
  4. CC tried to tell GG once, and GG wouldn't listen. Sounds like GG is a real piece of work and CC got sick of their crap.
  5. Nice review and glad you enjoyed your first cruise. You picked a good ship.
  6. I highly doubt there will be a set weight restriction. It's simply a matter of whether your body will allow the restraints to close.
  7. Yeah it definitely won't be the most extreme ride out there. but that's ok. I enjoy many coasters out there that aren't among the tallest and fastest.
  8. Do a google search for "upstop wheels"
  9. I love roller coasters and cruising. Although I just got into cruising much more recently. Excited to try it.
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