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  1. What I've found is that most people will be so caught up in what they are doing (either talking to other people at their table, or checking their phones) that they won't even notice or care what some stranger at another table is doing. Regardless of whether you're by yourself or not.
  2. Thank you so much for your review. Enjoying all the pictures and that cruising is back.
  3. Tulane actually came back and made a game of it. Only lost by 5. OkLaHoMa HaS a GrEaT DeFeNsE!!
  4. Thank you for your review and pics Greg. I enjoyed all the drinks and food and seeing things around the ship. Looking forward to my Halloween sailing. Yeah, I often go out to eat alone and I've never understood why people are afraid to do that. If I didn't have a girlfriend I would totally go on a solo cruise. Can do what you want, when you want, if you want, and get the whole room to yourself. Must have been a bunch of Indians on that sailing.
  5. Your pictures are freaking amazing. Keep em coming and I hope you are having a great time! I'm booked an Mardi Gras for halloween.
  6. Make the bbq your first meal once you get on the ship, is one of my top first timer tips. If you wait until after the first day, the line is super long.
  7. I'm glad you enjoyed the breeze. I did a halloween cruise on her a few years ago. Great ship.
  8. OP needs to take a deep breath and calm down. And stop worrying if someone disagrees with them.
  9. My goodness am I loving all the live reviews of Mardi Gras this week and last. Nice pictures.
  10. You are only partially correct. With YTD: You do simply request a table when you are ready for dinner, no advanced reservations. But, you do NOT have to physically be at the restaurant and wait there. You can just hang out in your room or at a bar or wherever you want, request your table with the hub app, and you will get a notification on your phone when your table is ready. And once your table is ready you have ten minutes to get to the restaurant to be seated. I found this to be really convenient as there was no need to head to the dining room at all until your table is ready.
  11. Looking forward to the upcoming season. Go Buckeyes!
  12. Another live blog signaling the return of cruising. Awesome. Thanks for the updates.
  13. Thanks for the live blog updates. Keep them coming.
  14. Apparently the announcement is now coming next week.
  15. Booked on Mardi Gras 10/30. So excited.
  16. I have it, even though there are better cards out there. The $200 statement credit for signing up, and 10% off shore excursions is nice. Also, the card has no foreign transaction fees, which can come in handy for international travel.
  17. Where did you see that the weight limit is 300? Which I'm fine with, just wondering...
  18. I just noticed something interesting. If I logout of my cruisecritic account, the mardi gras roll call section disappears from the list of carnival ship roll calls. And you get an error when going to the direct link: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2439-carnival-mardi-gras-roll-calls/ But once I log back in to my account I can load it just fine. This is NOT the case for the other Carnival ship Roll Call forums.
  19. Conquest, 2018, Singles cruise. Not single anymore.
  20. Thank you bdever, replied to post just this. These are for the test cruises, if the lines will not be following the vaccine route.
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